A farewell to Ted Mosby (and friends).

Think about where you were on September 19, 2005. Me? I was 23 years old, getting settled into a one-bedroom apartment in Arlington, VA. I was coming off of a year living in Greece, about a month into my first “real” job at a law firm. I had a couch and coffee table we’d acquired … Continue reading


The other two brackets will be coming next week, I promise. It’s been the week from hell both personally and professionally, and I have had no desire to write about even celebrity men. Plus, I’m still mad you all voted out Leo already.  

It’s heeerrrrreeeee!

Ladies (and some gentlemen), it’s almost time. I’ve met with my advisory board (aka my friends). I’ve evaluated the nominations. I’ve examined all of the evidence (often “evidence” = Google image search, but hey, somebody’s gotta do the hard work). And here is the final bracket. Well, almost final. You have some work to do. … Continue reading

A sort of, kind of, defense of HIMYM.

This wasn’t the post I intended to write. Even as I started writing, with no real thesis other than “I need to talk about How I Met Your Mother,” I didn’t intend to write the post this eventually became. I found myself talking myself into things as the words appeared on my screen, and eventually … Continue reading

An indisputable ranking of Olympic boyfriends.

* not named Sidney Crosby, because, duh, you know me. 9. Bode Miller The “I know he’s bad news, but I could totally fix this one” boyfriend. 8. Sage Kotsenberg The boyfriend who seems like a lot of fun until you’ve heard him say “spoice” for the 800th time. 7. Norwegian Curling Team The boyfriends … Continue reading

Citius, Altius, Fortius. ¹

Leading up to the 1994 Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway, my social studies teacher had us do a project – we had to pick a country (that wasn’t the US) and do research on their government and history and culture, then track their athletes throughout the Games. The bigger, more glamorous winter countries – … Continue reading