What’s making me happy this week.

Hi, guys. I don’t really have anything going on, but I didn’t want to get back into a month going by and me not writing anything. I definitely need to concentrate on the positive, because last week was one of the worst I’ve had in a really long time, and despite my attempts to start this … Continue reading

How’s New York? What’s new?

I just got back from Christmas break at home, and as anytime I go home, I get a plethora of “how’s New York? what’s new?” type questions. And usually I deflect them – “New York is good, nothing much new” – and allow the other person to tell me about their life. Usually their kids, … Continue reading

Building a perfect boyfriend, part two.

So, a funny thing happened over the past few weeks. I posted part one of my “Building a perfect boyfriend” series, discussing how much I loved guys who could sing. I went out that weekend, met a guy who started singing Sondheim in the middle of the bar. I started drafting part two, where you … Continue reading

Hey guys! Remember me?

Have you missed me? I have approximately 847 drafts started and promise to publish at least two of them at some point. Life is calming down a little bit, thankfully. Since June 1, my life has been as such: Traveled to six different cities. Flew over 9,300 miles. Managed two golf tournament activations and three … Continue reading

Building a perfect boyfriend, part one.

Hey, guys. It’s me. Still single, still plugging away in New York, still doing nothing exciting except working and occasionally scrolling through Tinder. (Spoiler alert: nothing clicking yet.) But since I’m single, I don’t have to be happy with what I have, and instead I can dream about meeting the perfect guy – the guy … Continue reading


Last night I wrote a post that was way too mopey, even by personal blogger standards. This is what happens when I drink tequila and have too much time to think. It never, ever ends well. I have since deleted said post, because I don’t like to wallow, especially when I haven’t published much lately. … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Days in Manhattan.

Sunday, 9:30am I’m settling at Radio City Music Hall for the dress rehearsal for the Tony Awards, aka a musical theater geek’s heaven. A wonderful friend has connections to people who work on the show’s production, and occasionally she gets tickets, and sometimes she asks me to go. This was the second time I’ve gone, … Continue reading

It’s happening.

Hello, everyone! I’ve been away for awhile. I just haven’t had much motivation to write, nor has there been anything exciting going on in my life to write about. But I have a lot of free time for the next few weeks, because I literally fell crossing the street over the weekend and fractured a … Continue reading

Celebrity Boyfriend Bracket on indefinite hold.

I’m really sorry, guys. I’m just not feeling it this year. The last straw, after a few rough weeks of stressful travel and personal turmoil, was managing to make kickball a full contact sport the other night and ending up with a mild concussion. I’m fine, but struggling to concentrate the past few days at … Continue reading