A challenging quest.

I’ve been told the ratio of single women to single men in New York City is 5:1.

Five to one. For every available man, there are five available women. I’m not sure if the ratio is strictly heterosexual. If it’s not, you can tip the scales even more in favor of the men. There is truth to the adage in this city that all men are either taken or gay.

Granted, some of the available men in New York look like this:

But a frightening amount look like this:

So what’s a single girl to do?

Power through, that’s all. Drink copious amounts of wine. And see an opportunity to bring some entertainment to the internet through sharing your stories of your (challenging, funny, and sometimes non-existent) dating life.

I’ve had a shitty few years when it comes to men. I sometimes feel beaten down and cynical and mad as hell. But against my better judgment, somewhere deep down I’m still a hopeless romantic. Maybe it’s because if I stop believing it, I’ll go crazy, but I still think there is someone out there like this for me:

For the non-HIMYM watching readers out there, that is Ted Mosby, and Ted lives in the fictional version of Manhattan that appears on my TV each week. Ted is, just like me, a little bit scarred and a lot hopeful. He’s nerdy and likes sports. He cares about his friends and will put up elaborate Christmas lights displays to make them feel better. He’ll steal a blue trombone French horn (thank you, everyone who corrected me) on your first date. He’ll spend years searching for a girl in a slutty pumpkin costume because he lost her number the night they met. He’s kind of wimpy and a little needy, but this girl has been through so much crap that wimpy and needy doesn’t sound all that bad.

So, inspired by Ted’s years-long story of how he met his wife, I present to you my (hopefully shorter than the run of HIMYM) story of how I meet the next love of my life. My dating adventures – good, bad, funny, embarrassing – will be here for your review. Read, laugh, send me inspiration and support. I need it – real life doesn’t have a laugh track.



11 thoughts on “A challenging quest.

  1. I think I am very much going to enjoy this. Kudos for sharing your dating life with the interwebs — it’s a brave venture! Looking forward to reading!

  2. I’m with you, Brenna! I sometimes think of my life here in Manhattan as “How I Met Your Father” (fingers crossed!). One unfortunate comment – I believe Ryan Gosling is taken by Eva Mendes. Otherwise, my story would clearly end right now as Ryan and I would be together πŸ™‚


  3. As an expatriate New Yorker, my best advice is thus: Stay out of Staten Island, and gravitate towards Brooklyn.

    (Unless you’re not in NYC anymore, in which case the usefulness of my advice declines significantly.)

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