Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world…

In a city of six million people, you don’t expect to run into someone you know randomly too often, despite my repeated pleas to God to send Seth Meyers into my local Starbucks as I’m waiting for my latte while wearing a Steelers hoodie.

Yet in this city of six million people, that is exactly what happened last week. I was standing in the bar I always go to, having the same conversation I have with the bartender every time I am there – he, a Red Wings fan, gives me shit about being a Penguins fan. Just your average Friday night conversation. Nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever.

At the words “Penguins fan,” though, the guy sitting on the bar stool in front of me turns around. Apparently my hockey fandom is the single most significant aspect of my personality, because that’s what triggered this guy sitting there to realize that the girl he went on several dates with nearly a year ago and never called again was standing right behind him.

I wasn’t terribly devastated to not go out with the guy. I had been planning on giving him one more date to have one last chance with me. I wasn’t even that into him, but I’m a nice girl. But I had been planning on ditching him – and so I was pissed when he took that control away and I didn’t really care to ever see him again.

So there I was, finding myself standing right next to him eleven months later. Because I’m a nice girl, I have a cordial conversation with him before going back to my friend across the bar. I fill her in, and she predicts he texts me before the end of the night. He did, about an hour later. I didn’t even have his number anymore. I wish I could tell you this story had some kind of higher meeting – that I was destined to run into him again and give him one more chance and that we went on an amazing date the next night – but sometimes, in a city of six million people, you just run into someone. It’s not the universe trying to tell you something; it’s just a coincidence or the need to find a warm bar nearby on a cold night.

I deleted his text without replying. There was no reason to. There are six million people in this city, and I’d like to go on dates with some of them instead.


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