Posted in January 2012

A few words on online dating.

Inevitably, any time I complain about being single, the first suggestion out of anyone’s mouth is “why don’t you try online dating?” I have nothing against online dating. I have several friends and family members who are very happy with people they met online. It definitely works for some people. But I also have heard … Continue reading

Sick in the city

There are few things worse than being sick, single, and in New York City. It’s loud. (Literally, there was a jackhammer outside my apartment this morning.) It’s dirty. You have to walk everywhere. Most days, I don’t mind (and sometimes even enjoy) these things. But when all you want to do is lay in bed … Continue reading

A few words on dating and sports.

I like sports. If you know me, or know anything about me, you know that. You know I live and die by the movement of a hockey puck and that I think there are few things as unsexy as a Baltimore Ravens jersey. Most girls’ impulse buys consist of shoes or lipstick or handbags. This … Continue reading