A few thoughts on a Thursday night.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Things have been crazy around here lately, and I just haven’t had the time or the energy. But I’m back, life is returning to normal, and I promise to be better about updating you all about my incredibly boring life. 🙂

Basically, over the past few weeks, this is what’s been going on:

  • No dates. No meeting of men. I did get a few messages on OK Cupid, but most consisted of something like, “hey girl, you look good. want to kick it?” One message was actually from someone with the handle GoonWarfare. I’m not joking.
  • My grandmother passed away last week. She had a long and full life, and she had been in rough shape for the last year or so. So really, I think a lot of us just breathed a sigh of relief in a lot of ways that she’s in a much better place now. But it was still a rough weekend. Funerals are not a good place to be single.
  • I went to see Kelly Clarkson in concert a few weeks ago. I think Kelly is absolutely divine. She sings my life better than any other musician in the world right now, so it was just awesome to scream those songs with thousands of other pissed off women and gay men. Seriously, sometime in your life, you have to belt this and this and this and yes, even this in public. Do it. You’ll feel so much better.
  • I started watching Revenge last week. I think Daniel is extremely handsome, but I’m definitely more of a Jack girl, because Daniel is kind of a wimp. Anyone else watch it? I’m curious about who you’re into.
  • And finally, my favorite men over the past few weeks:
    • Patrick Kane, for doing this.
    • Kris Letang, for looking like this.
    • Schmidt from New Girl, who is threatening Chuck Bass as my favorite character on all of television. (Seriously, if you’re not watching New Girl, start. Now.)
    • Eli Manning, who I’ve developed a total love for over the past few weeks. Go Giants.

So that’s that. Have a good weekend, kids. Enjoy the Super Bowl and/or Puppy Bowl. And maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll have some good stories for you next week. Ciao!


3 thoughts on “A few thoughts on a Thursday night.

  1. The Puppy Bowl is the gold standard of counter programming.

    Related: did you know that the Super Bowl only gets a share of 60-70? (that means 30%-40% of the TVs turned on during that time are watching something other than the Super Bowl) If I were a benevolent despot, I’d make sure that 30-40% of the citizenry were tuned to Animal Planet.

  2. Obesssed w/ Revenge and LOVE Jack! I like Daniel a lot, which really makes it different than other shows and I can totally see why Emily’s feelings for him are real. But Jack is dreamy.

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