My Valentines.

I hate Valentine’s Day. Hate it with a passion. In my spectrum of hatred, it lies somewhere below Fox News but above Tom Brady. So yeah, it’s up there. When you’re single, it sucks. And when you’re dating someone, there’s all this pressure to do something grand, and it still sucks.

But this being a blog about my (still nonexistent) dating life, I felt the need to write about Valentine’s Day. The day is supposed to be about all kinds of loves, right? So here are my loves – my valentines for 2012.

The Book of Mormon soundtrack

Pure. absolute. brilliance. I saw this show last night after months of waiting. I had ridiculously high expectations, and they were surpassed. I cannot begin to put into words how amazing it is. I have never laughed so hard at theater in my life. The cast is incredible. And deep down, under the profanity and absurdity, at its heart this is a traditional Broadway show. I downloaded the soundtrack the minute I got home, and I have been listening to it for two days straight.

Evgeni Malkin’s hot streak

Keep it up, Geno. And tweet a little more while you’re at it, k? Thanks.

Red wine

Red wine will always be there for me. Red wine will never let me down.

The Voice

American Idol who? I’m so in on this show. And not just because Adam Levine is incredibly easy on the eyes.

Gossip Girl recaps

I keep watching Gossip Girl because a) Georgina is back, b) Chuck Bass is the greatest character in the history of TV, c) I’m curious to see just how many waffles Rufus Humphrey can make over the span of a TV series, and d) the recaps. It’s not a post-GG Tuesday until I visit the recaps by Vulture, TWOP, and my new favorite, NoWhiteNoise.

So… happy Valentine’s Day, internet. I’ll be the girl giving you dirty looks while you carry your bouquet of flowers on the subway, because you’re delaying me getting home in time to finish my bottle of wine and watch New Girl. Catch you on the flip side.


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