Friday Eye Candy: 02.24.12.

As a single girl, I spend a remarkable amount of time imagining how awesome my life would be if I, say, bumped into Jake Gyllenhaal at Starbucks and he realized on the spot that nothing would make him happier than whisking me away from my job and my debt and my roommates and beginning a glorious new life in Paris.

So in honor of those fantasies, and to encourage the fantasies of all you single (and perhaps not so single) girls who read this blog, I present to you my new recurring feature: Friday Eye Candy.

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Just a photo or two of a guy who’s making me happy that week, simply for the shared appreciation of whatever makes him sexy – whether it’s his looks, his voice, or a wicked wrist shot.

In your first installment, I’m going to be generous.

Friday Eye Candy Exhibit A is a man by the name of Chris Thile. A friend introduced me to Mr. Thile and his band, Punch Brothers, last week, and it’s safe to say that I’ve been completely and thoroughly addicted to them ever since. Bluegrass isn’t my favorite genre of music, but their songs are so damn good, and Chris is so damn cute, that I just can’t help it.

Are those bedroom eyes, or what?

Friday Eye Candy Exhibit 2 comes to you courtesy of the Pittsburgh Penguins Skates & Plates Gala. Skates & Plates happens every year, and the day after is pretty much the best day on the internet for a female fan of the Pens. Basically, the boys dress like the largest wedding party ever and act as waiters to tables of really high paying customers. There’s an entire gallery of handsome tuxedo’ed men for your perusal, but I’d like to single out this one as my personal favorite this year:

Luckiest kid on earth, right there.

That’s how to start a weekend. Don’t say I never did anything for you.


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