Things that make me happy today.

I’ve had a few up and down weeks. Some things are really not going my way right now, but yesterday I reached a point where all of a sudden, I was in a really, really good mood. I realized that there are a few things this week that are making me smile, a lot, and so I wanted to share them with you. I hope some of them make you smile too.


Tomorrow at this time, I’ll be at Madison Square Garden, watching my boys in black and gold in the midst of a (hopefully) commanding win over the New York Rangers. Sidney Crosby will be in the lineup for the first time since December. I’ll be holding my breath every time he takes the ice (for the rest of his career), but damn, it will be good to see him skate again.

Draw Something

Seriously, guys, I’m obsessed with this game. Especially when I play against friends who I have a million inside jokes with and can guess a word within seconds.

The return of Community

The only downside to being at MSG tomorrow is missing Community when it airs live. I didn’t realize just how much I loved this show till it was gone for a few months. I have missed it.

New Girl

Schmidt is the funniest character on TV right now. It’s not even close. I want to be Zooey Deschanel (and I’ve now got the bangs to prove it). And I want to drink beers with Nick and Winston.

Peep toe shoes

I’m not a huge fan of how drastically and quickly the weather changed, but I am a fan of cool spring mornings and the first chance to wear peep toe shoes. I also enjoy a good excuse to treat myself to a pedicure.

High school nostalgia

It started with Titanic, when I heard it was being rereleased in 3D in April. Then Newsies, the musical version, hit Broadway. Now the subways are plastered with posters for American Reunion. All these movies vividly take me back to my high school days. Now, for me, high school wasn’t the greatest time of my life. When I was there, I couldn’t wait to leave. But there’s something so wonderful about reminiscing about a time when my biggest problem was that I couldn’t see Titanic on opening night because it was the night of our Christmas dance. I’ve realized now that high school wasn’t that bad. Yeah, I was painfully uncool, and I had some really terrible hair, but I was with my friends constantly. I did the things I love to do most – singing and dancing and performing – on a daily basis. I spent my Friday nights at Denny’s, and while that’s not too impressive looking back, we had fun. We had so much fun that other patrons asked the wait staff if we could calm down and act like “restaurant people.” I didn’t have to worry about taxes, or rent, or doing my own laundry, or being depressed about being single.

Grad school memories

Grad school, on the other hand, was full of worries. I spent my first year not really sure where I fit in and my second year in the midst of a divorce. Not the most ideal situations. Again, when I was there, I couldn’t wait to leave. But two years removed, I look back and think fondly of those years. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t ever want to relive the bad moments – the times where I was lonely, or angry, or crying, or going days without really eating. (Though I would really like to fit into those size 2 jeans I bought again.) The good moments may have come and gone, but they were… good. Really good. I was within a few miles of my closest friends. It was completely acceptable to go out on a Tuesday night, and pitchers cost about $8, and you could go to class in sweats and take a nap in the afternoon. You could flirt with cute undergrad hockey players. You could do sake bombs with 18 other people, and it was all perfectly kosher. It turns out, I miss those days. I miss those friends, even the ones who drove me crazy, and I’d give almost anything to go back for a few nights. Minus the homework, of course.

So that’s what is making me smile tonight. How about you?


4 thoughts on “Things that make me happy today.

  1. This blog makes me happy because it is great! My high school Christmas formal was also the day Titanic opened. I got to go to the movie because I couldn’t get a date to the dance. It was also the same day that I failed my driver’s liscense test. I was devestated to be “a virgin who can’t drive” that night, but it turned out being chaffuered to see Leonardo DiCaprio by my girlfriends was the best!

  2. So I have to admit I totally agree with the return of Community, New Girl and Grad School Memories. I’m definitely on board with all of those. You lost me on Draw Something though. How can you play a game in which the ONLY other person playing is on your team? Maybe I’m just too competitive but I like to beat people. I tried playing it a few times and I just can’t get down with it. After about 3 games I just started writing what I had to draw and then uninstalled the app.

    Oh! And I love peep toe shows. They make me look amazing!

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