Friday Eye Candy: Sidsanity Edition

I missed giving you a Friday Eye Candy last week, so I’ll be extra generous today.

Last night I attended the Pens/Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, which would have been a huge game regardless. Add an increasingly close division race and the return of two Penguins superstars, and the atmosphere was electric. Add to that the 800 beers I thought I needed, and you get one really excited Pens fan who doesn’t like to just sit back and listen to ignorant, asshole Rangers fans as they rip apart her favorite player. I kept a cool head throughout (I think), though the decisive win by my boys (and Sidney Crosby surviving unscathed) helped immensely.

So, in honor of the win and of two of my top three favorite players finally returning to the lineup, I present this Friday’s Eye Candy. Because to me, there is really nothing sexier than this:

Top player in the league, Stanley Cup champion, Olympic gold medalist (sorry, I know I’m a bad American, but I love that goal and I love the crowd reaction), all around amazing person Sidney Crosby. Back in the lineup (again) after battling concussion-like symptoms (again). Back (hopefully) for good this time.

There was another return to the ice last night, too:

Kris “Sexhair” Letang, logging almost 25 minutes of ice time, one assist, a +5 , with perfectly styled sexhair and an adorable French Canadian accent. (What’s that? You want more sexhair? Well, I’m glad you asked.)

Don’t leave us again, boys. In addition to your eye candy-ness, you’re both damn good hockey players. Among the best in the world. Hockey isn’t the same without either of you.

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