In defense of Ted Mosby.

I engaged in some friendly Twitter banter tonight over the character for which this blog is named, Mr. Ted Mosby. A few friends said they didn’t like him. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this, and the gripes are usually the same – he’s a know-it-all, he’s kind of douchey, he overthinks things. I don’t have much defense against those claims – he is a know it all, he does overthink things (but so do I), and, well, my roommate once told me it seemed like I was attracted to douchebags, so I guess that explains part of it. But, in my very humble yet know-it-all opinion, I think Ted Mosby has many redeeming characteristics, and so I present to you my thesis in defense of Ted Mosby.

Ted Mosby is kind of awesome because:

  • He, like me, went to a liberal arts college. It is accepted fact that people who go to liberal arts colleges are more awesome than everyone else. (Kidding. Mostly.)
  • He’s hopelessly romantic. From the blue French horn to the hanging chad Halloween costume in search of the slutty pumpkin every year to the two minute date to doing a rain dance to decorating the apartment in Christmas lights, Ted is prone to massive romantic gestures. Sometimes a little too prone, for sure, but it’s endearing to me.
  • He’s jaded. Ted in season 7 is a lot more bitter and cynical than Ted from season 1. I can relate to that.
  • He’s done stupid things. So what. We all have. If I was telling you the story of my twenties, I’d probably look just as bad as Ted. (I will concur that it would probably be a good idea to leave the strip club tales out of the stories you tell your kids, though.)
  • He is loyal. There is nothing more important to him than his friends.
  • He wears blazers with elbow patches and vests and ties with jeans, and he’s incredibly cute doing so.
  • He is smart. He may be kind of douchey about showing it, but face it, he is, and I like smart guys. He is a professor of architecture who knows sign language, recites poetry, and corrects grammar. Give me that over most of the stupid characters which populate TV any freaking day.
  • He loves Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Guess what, readers. Deep down, I’m a huge nerd who also loves Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
  • Someday he’ll own a bar, and he and his friend will write a theme song for it.

He’s definitely not perfect. He’s sometimes infuriating and sometimes dumb and, yeah, he really sucks at dating, but let’s face it… Almost all the women he’s dated have been awful anyway.


One thought on “In defense of Ted Mosby.

  1. Hi Brenna,
    Just came across your blog after googling Ted Mosby and was instantly intrigued! 1) LOVE the TV boyfriends bracket – that is genius and long overdue and 2) I am also a Ted Mosby lover and defender, for all of the reasons you listed. 🙂

    I can commiserate with the 30-something dating life, or lack thereof (though I don’t live in NYC). But that is why the tv boyfriends come in handy.

    Anyway, nice work and have a nice day!


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