Posted in March 2012

Merci, Mario.

I know this is supposed to be a blog about dating and love. But it’s also a blog about my life, and aside from my dad, my ex, and my brother, there is only one other man who has had a significant influence in my life, and that is Mario Lemieux. Does that sound weird … Continue reading

The online experiment.

I caved yesterday, and I signed up for three months on I had a weekend full of ups and downs, and while I was curled up on my couch crying because my hair cut got screwed up, I decided I had to do something – anything – to make a change. I’m not convinced … Continue reading

An open letter to the guy I met last night.

You’re pretty cute. (I verified it with my friend several times throughout the evening, because I’d had a few beers.) I like how you squeezed your way in next to me and used the bowl of Goldfish on the bar as a conversation starter. Well played, indeed. I actually liked the peek of a tattoo … Continue reading

Friday Eye Candy: 03.02.12

Ladies, the photo I’ve been thinking about since last Friday: That’s Taylor Kitsch. He played Tim Riggins, who is basically the sexiest character in the history of television. He’s in an absolutely awful looking movie that’s coming out soon. I don’t care how bad the movie is, if he keeps doing photo shoots as hot … Continue reading