Posted in April 2012

If I’m being honest…

Apparently today was National Honesty Day. I found out about this the way I usually find out about things – aka trending topics on Twitter – and started thinking… what do I need to be honest about? The answer is a lot. I’m really good at saying I’m ok when I’m not and putting on … Continue reading

Basically, you all suck.

Desmond Hume. Handsome, rugged, Scottish, hopelessly romantic, completely devoted to Penny, Desmond Hume. My number one overall, Desmond Hume. Desmond, who once did this, a series of scenes that still makes me cry even though I’ve watched them about 800 times in the past few years. Gone from the TV Boyfriend Bracket before the Elite … Continue reading

Things You Miss.

Sometimes you want to write something yourself, and sometimes you read something that captures it so perfectly that you don’t have to. Today, that post is Things You Miss When You’ve Been Single Too Long, by Eleni Zoe. She sums it up as well as I could aspire to. Especially this one: You miss goodnight … Continue reading

Sunday, rainy Sunday…

It’s a dreary Sunday here in New York. It’s even drearier for me than for most, after a Penguins playoff loss. This playoffs solidified two things in my mind: 1. I will admit that Claude Giroux is one of the most talented players in the NHL, but I basically want to kick him in the … Continue reading


Remember last week when I said playoff hockey was better than dating? I was wrong. Playoff hockey will be the death of me. I’m pretty sure I lost years off my life in the past five days. My favorite men in the world have disappointed me time and time again, despite my unwavering belief that … Continue reading

Playoff hockey > dating.

The Stanley Cup playoffs start tonight, thus beginning my favorite time of the year. And because the time since I’ve last been on a date is getting dangerously close to a depressingly long time ago, the most satisfying relationship in my life these days is with these guys. In fact, my relationship with the Pens … Continue reading

In search of the Peetas.

It’s no secret that I have a mild obsession with The Hunger Games. I love nearly everything about the series – the characters, the action, the commentary on the state of our country and the media. I absolutely adore Katniss Everdeen. I want to be her – minus the whole having to kill people or … Continue reading