Things that make me happy today: April 3rd edition.

I’m having a really tough week, and it’s only Tuesday morning. Between stressing about work, money, and where I’m going to be living in a few months, I’ve managed to make myself cry already today, and it’s not even 9:00. So to get myself back on track and concentrating on what is making me smile instead today:

The TV Boyfriend Bracket. Seriously, readers, the way you’re running with this is making me so happy. There’s no need for a real man in your life when you have all these amazing fictional ones. If you haven’t voted yet, what are you waiting for?

Joe Vitale’s hit on Danny Briere. Textbook clean and oh so beautiful.

The NHL Playoffs starting one week from tomorrow. My favorite time of year is so close I can almost taste it, and it tastes of sweat and grit and Labatt Blue.

The Civil Wars. The Hunger Games soundtrack introduced me to them, and I’ve been obsessed with their music for the past week. Come for Kingdom Come (which is what I imagine Gale singing to Katniss before she leaves for the Games), stay for 20 Years.

Thinking about who might play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire.

The idea of Nate Archibald and Serena van der Woodsen as serious journalists and knowing I’ll have new Gossip Girl recaps to read today.

An Easter Sunday spent with brunch, mimosas, and Jack Dawson back on the big screen.

A big work project finally (hopefully) going live this week.

Seeing Newsies on Broadway in just a few short weeks.

It’s the power of positive thinking, folks. The week can only go uphill from here.


4 thoughts on “Things that make me happy today: April 3rd edition.

  1. The power of positive thinking is priceless! I am righ there with you on needing some of it, so thank you for the post. It may motivate me to make my own. And I love that you love Gossip Girl. I didn’t watch last night’s epispode yet (have it on DVR) but will watch soon.

    Happy Tuesday it can only get better!

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  3. I love The Civil Wars! The whole HG soundtrack was great, but they’re something really special.
    I’ve been wondering about who is going to play Finnick too, and whether there’ll be more racial controversy.
    This was a really nice post, btw. I’m sorry your day started out with stress, but I’m glad you decided to look on the bright side.

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