TV Boyfriend Bracket Voting Round One: The Romantics

The final first round of voting is my personal favorite, the romantics. These are the guys who wear their hearts on their sleeves, who have grand visions and ideals. They’ll fight for love, and they may come out battered, but these guys don’t give up that easily.

Once this gets past the first round, I am going to have some serious trouble choosing between some of these men. And keep in mind I have a veto, so don’t even think about voting out any of the top three just yet!

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(1) Desmond Hume – Lost
I’ve tried writing this at least six times and am never happy with what I write, and that’s because I love Desmond so. damn. much. And it’s really hard to describe why I love him in just a few sentences, but I’ll try. First of all, he’s Scottish, so no matter what you’re talking about, it will sound good. He struggled with life and love and commitment in his earlier days, but after being separated from the love of his life and stranded on the island, made his sole purpose in life getting back to her. And despite being separated by space and time and God knows what else, he found his way back to her through sheer will, and once he found her, he refused to let go and did everything in his power to protect her, including taking a bullet. He’s the Peeta freaking Mellark of the Lost world. Don’t try to tell me you don’t want a man who’s that devoted to you in your life.


(16) Mark Cyr – Parenthood
A dorky-cute high school english teacher who is dating one of his student’s (much older) mothers.  However, Mark is an extremely mature late twenty-something who is sweet, considerate and smart and is not afraid to show his emotions.  He puts his partner’s needs before his own even if it means giving up something that he has always wanted in order to be with the one he loves.

(2) Ted Mosby – How I Met Your Mother
Let’s forgive him right away for the goatee he used to have, and the red cowboy boots, and the way he can be kind of douchey. Let’s concentrate instead on what he does right. He’s intelligent, loyal, and hard-working. He’s incredibly generous to his friends. He might fall often, and hard, but when he does, he will do anything for the girl he loves. (Anything except give up on his dream of designing New York’s next great skyscraper, that is.) He will do a rain dance so your camping trip is canceled and you need to stay home with him. He will hire an orchestra to serenade you in your apartment. He will create an entire date that lasts only two minutes, because you told him that’s all the time you had. He’ll wear a hanging chad Halloween costume in 2011 because he wants the girl he met on Halloween in 2001 to recognize him. Despite getting burned time and time again, he is unabashedly romantic and still believes against all odds that The One is somewhere out there. Sure, you may need to put up with him quoting Proust occasionally, but when you’re dating him, he will do everything in his power to make you happy.


(15) Ben Covington – Felicity
This is a guy you move across the country for. He’s complex and impulsive but also sensitive, not to mention gorgeous. He makes you want to throw caution to the wind and be impulsive too.

(3) Ned – Pushing Daisies
He makes pies. He has puppy dog eyes that make you melt. If you die he can bring you back to life with the touch of a finger and he’ll forgo touching you for the rest of his life just to have you alive and with him. Because these are the rules of his particular type of magic – one touch alive again, two touches dead forever.  It may sound sad and a little weird, but trust me – it’s the most romantic thing you will ever see on television, and he is one of the most tragically romantic leading men ever created. You want nothing more than to hug him and kiss him – and you can, because you’re still alive.


(14) Matthew Crawley – Downton Abbey
Let’s see: He is the heir to his family’s fortune, which includes an incredible house. He has a delicious British accent. He’s a sharp dresser for fancy dinners. War vet. Forgiver of egregious, Elizabethan-era sins. And he’ll be able to love you “properly” (if you catch my drift).

(4) Matt Saracen – Friday Night Lights
From the minute we meet Matt Saracen, we just can’t help falling for this lovable underdog. He’s definitely not your typical football player – he loves art and he’s very loyal to his band-geek best friend. He’s an extremely sweet boyfriend who will muster up all his courage to approach your dad and save up all his hard-earned money from the Alamo Freeze to buy you a necklace. However, it’s his commitment to his adorable, yet demented, grandmother, that will really melt your heart. From dancing with her, to cooking for her, to not letting her live in a nursing home, he proves that he really is the sweetest guy in this competition. And don’t worry if Texas Forever is not your thing – he’s a Chicagoan these days.


(13) Bailey Salinger – Party of Five
First things first – that smile, and those dimples! He struggles with his demons – alcoholism included – but deep down, he does whatever he can to keep his family together.

(5) John Carter – ER
Coming from a wealthy, old-money, Chicago family, Dr. Carter has committed himself to helping others as a doctor. He gives up a lucrative specialty in surgery to have more patient interaction in the ER. And he goes the first entire year of that residency unpaid because he is that committed to the patients (and it doesn’t hurt that his family is filthy rich). We watch him grow from an eager young student into a confident, dedicated doctor. Sure, he becomes addicted to pain killers after being stabbed by a crazy patient, but he rebounded from that tragedy. He not only spends years working as a doctor in Africa, but then he comes back to Chicago to use his family’s fortune for good and open a medical clinic for underprivileged. Come on, is there a better guy out there? And oh yeah, did I mention, he’s extremely easy on the eyes?


(12) Sam Seaborn – The West Wing
Sure, he once slept with a hooker but he didn’t know she was a hooker. His classic good looks, fit physique aren’t to be argued with. But his way with words? That’s what is going to make you come back for more.

(6) Harry Goldenblatt – Sex and the City
Harry is a real mensch. He has everything you could ask for…except hair. Here’s what he brings to the table instead: kindness, humor, intelligence, and a house in the Hamptons. He will walk you to Tasti D-Lite every night and then come home and serve up the best sex of your life. He’s willing to compromise and make changes for you such as waxing his back, solving his tea bag situation and putting on shorts when asked.  He is so wonderful, you might even give up Christ for him.


(11) Seth Cohen – The OC
He’s the dork who ended up with the hottest, most popular girl in school.  He loved comic books, action figures- including his toy horse, Captain Oats- and his favorite holiday was “Chrismukkah.” He also introduced thousands of people to bands like “Death Cab for Cutie”, “Rooney” and “The Shins”.  Seth was sarcastic enough to keep you entertained, yet sensitive enough to be the primary caretaker for his mother when she relapses after a stint in rehab.  See also: “Adorkable, epitome of.”

(7) Sayid Jarrah – Lost
Sayid could very easily fall into the It’s Complicated category. He’s a tortured soul – a former interrogator in the Iraqi army, he was forever haunted by the things he had to do and the loves he had lost. But despite his profession, and beyond the demons, he had a good heart. He refused to lay a hand on his childhood love turned Iraqi rebel. He saw the good inside fellow Oceanic 815 survivor Shannon, who everyone else had written off as useless. He’s loyal and intelligent and constantly fights to keep his good side in control. And in the end, he does – sacrificing his own life to save his friends.


(10) Ross Gellar – Friends
If you’re looking to get married, Ross Gellar is the man for you, because he really loves getting married (you just might want to wear a name tag at the altar). Ross is the kind of guy who will let you win at poker, will stand in as a last minute prom date for you if needed, and will drink the fat to prove his love. He’s got killer moves on the keyboard, extremely white teeth, and is a doctor (of dinosaurs, but doctor nonetheless). Some might call him a cheater, but he contends he would only sleep with someone else if he was “on a break.”

(8) Larry Paul – Ally McBeal
Larry was capable of calming down the most neurotic woman to ever appear on television, simply by saying he didn’t care how neurotic she was. Larry is the guy who loves you just as you are, because all he wants is the same from you. He knows you’re scared, because he is too. He’s got his own baggage, but you’ll deal with it, because he is kind and patient and understanding. Oh, and he sings.


(9) Jack Porter – Revenge
Jack is the epitome of the strong, silent type. A blue-collar man amongst the spoiled rich of the Hamptons, Jack is happiest on the open sea, on the boat he named for the girl he loved as a child, with her dog who he has cared for since she was taken away. He dreams of escaping Montauk, sailing around the world, and doing good, but family loyalties keep him home. Though we get the hint he’d take off if the right girl convinced him to.



26 thoughts on “TV Boyfriend Bracket Voting Round One: The Romantics

  1. Wait, wait. Why is the poll for Desmond closed? Wanna wanna vote!
    No, nevermind. Just assume ALL votes are for Desmond, and let’s go on from there. That works for me. 🙂

  2. Why so many votes for Ross Geller? Being creepily obsessed with a girl for years but not having the balls to ask her out is NOT romantic, it is pathetic! Also not romantic? Saying the wrong person’s name during his wedding. Just NO!

  3. Come on, ladies! Give it up for Harry Goldenblatt. Are you seriously going to tell me you’d rather date a skinny, comic-book obsessed high school kid instead of an amazing man like Harry? Not only is he incredibly sweet, he’s funny too. They’re all going to go bald eventually, so you might as well go with a man who pulls it off, right?

  4. Matthew Crawley is losing – boo! And, what a close one b/t Sayid and Ross Gellar — who knew! To this LOST fan, the answer is obvious 🙂

      • I voted for Ross, but yeah, I’ve never seen a second of Lost. Plus, I wrote the description for Ross, so in a way, my voting was a form of self-promotion.

  5. 1. This blog is way too fun.
    2. Desmond has my heart, always and forever.
    3. I miss Pushing Daisies – thanks for the reminder on all that fabulousness!

  6. I like skinny jewish boys, what can I say. Plus, as a shiksa you wouldn’t have to convert to be with Seth.

    Matthew Crawley is losing because Ned is wonderful!

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