TV Boyfriend Bracket Voting Round Two: The Complicated Romantics

We’ve made it through round one, folks! After some long deliberation, I’ve decided not to veto any of your choices. There are several I disagree with (losing Larry Paul comes to mind) but none that are so egregious that I can’t feel like we can move on without (and saving Larry just to sacrifice him to Desmond just seems mean).

So welcome to round two! Here’s the updated bracket. You’ll vote for one side of the bracket at a time – up first is It’s Complicated and the Romantics. Go back and read their descriptions from round one if you need a refresher, since I’m way too busy to have anything new for you at this stage of the game.

As in the past round, you’ll have 48 hours to vote… there are some tough matchups in this round. Choose wisely!









23 thoughts on “TV Boyfriend Bracket Voting Round Two: The Complicated Romantics

  1. This is getting tough! Carter vs Matt Saracen! Sayid vs Ted. I went with Ted, because of both my pro-NYC and anti-torture biases.

  2. The thing about the Ted v. Sayid match-up is that while they are on fairly equal footing when it comes to romanticism, who is the one that is going to be able to protect you when you get stranded? think about it people!

    • This is true. Sayid could defend you with his bare hands, whereas Ted would probably speak a dissertation about why you are stranded. But then again, Ted never turned into a zombie and has never killed anyone.

  3. Big had his issues, but he always came through in the end. And he never knocked up Nurse Hathaway and then abandoned her and their twin daughters!

  4. Why is Harry losing? No one watched “Pushing Daisies.” Everyone who watched Sex and the City (which I’m assuming is anyone participating in this bracket) knows how absolutely wonderful Harry is. Come on, ladies!

  5. The hardest choice for me was actually Pacey v. Tim Riggins. I had to take a day to think about it. 18 year old Laura was completely at odds with 31 year old Laura.

    I have absolutely nothing against Harry, he’s a lovely character, but Ned is the epitome of a hopeless romantic. Plus, the waitress in his pie shop is Kristin Chenoweth, anyone who is a fan of musical theater has to be able to appreciate that. And finally, it’s Lee Pace, I know it’s superficial but seriously no contest!

    • (oops, posted too soon) pulling an upset over Dylan McKay!

      But come on, people, it’s Mr. Big! He’s so great! He’ll take you to the ballet, even though he hates the ballet. He’ll cook you veal. He’ll forgive you for stalking his mother in church. He’ll dance with you to Moon River. He’ll drive you around in his town car so you never have to pay for cabs again!

  6. Alright, I can’t take it anymore. I’m not voting because I’m a heterosexual married male, but for the love of god, how are all of you not voting for Riggins and Saracen. Saracen is the most loyal human being on Earth despite being a human punching bag. The dude essentially walked through hell and back, got shit on by everyone he ever cared about (except his grandma, who by the way has dementia), held out for his girlfriend when she dropped him for a skeezy lifeguard, and never once got pissed at the world. Instead, he takes control of his situation, works things out, and makes a great life for himself. Also, he fully accepts his girlfriend even if she has more baggage than a fully booked 747. Isn’t that what everyone wants in a significant other? As for Tim Righins, it’s Tim Riggins.

    If you can’t tell, I’m still pissed that only 5 people watched Friday Night Lights. Study up, people, and vote for these guys.

    • Preach it, Charlie.

      That said, I did not vote for Saracen, because I would eat him alive. I adore him, I want him to date my best friend, but I need someone with a little more backbone.

      As for Tim Riggins, it is a tragedy that he is losing to Pacey. I’m just as nostalgic as everyone else, but come on, it’s Tim effing Riggins.

      • Me too! I watched FNL from the beginning and begged others to tune in. Thank god it’s finding new fans on Netflix!

        I have a Matt Saracen-shaped spot in my heart, but I’m with Brenna, he’s too timid and stammer-y for me.

        Tim Riggins may not be ideal boyfriend material but he sure as hell is better than Pacey!

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