TV Boyfriend Bracket Voting Round Two: Nice Guys Getting Shit Done

First of all, a moment of silence. We lost two of my favorites in this round, The Pie Maker and Sayid Jarrah, and an all-around good guy that I’d like one of my friends to date in Matt Saracen. Let’s remember their accomplishments… and trust me when I tell you, if you want to watch a truly beautiful show, get the Pushing Daisies DVDs. There were only (sadly) two seasons, so it won’t take you long.

But we must not dwell on the ones we’ve lost, when we have such great guys remaining. Your winners, moving on to the next round, are:

  • The Romantics
    • Desmond Hume
    • John Carter
    • Harry Goldenblatt
    • Ted Mosby
  • It’s Complicated
    • Big
    • Mark Sloan
    • Alex Karev
    • Tim Riggins (barely, in true Dillon Panther fashion)

Let’s move on to the left side of the bracket, shall we?

If you need to refresh your memory, you can read more about the men that are the Nice Guys and Get Shit Done. Choose wisely… the matchups on this side are just as challenging as the last ones! (Except for Coach Taylor vs. Eliot Stabler. Really, the two just cannot be compared.)


8 thoughts on “TV Boyfriend Bracket Voting Round Two: Nice Guys Getting Shit Done

  1. Sweet Luke Cafferty *CANNOT* lose to a sanctimonious tool like Derek Shepherd!

    I am enjoying Josh Lyman getting crushed by Ms. Chanandler Bong 🙂

    • He died valiantly, carrying a ticking bomb away from his friends and was reunited with Shannon in the afterlife. #SayidandShannon4eva

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