Remember last week when I said playoff hockey was better than dating? I was wrong. Playoff hockey will be the death of me. I’m pretty sure I lost years off my life in the past five days. My favorite men in the world have disappointed me time and time again, despite my unwavering belief that they are capable of so much more. Yeah, the sexhair fight was pretty hot for a minute, till I realized he’d gotten himself ejected from a kind of important game. James Neal scored a goal that actually cracked the Sportscenter Weekend Top 10. And that’s about where the highlights ended. If I end up in hell and am given the choice to spend every day for the rest of eternity re-learning every day that I’ve been cheated on or re-watching games 1-3 of this series, I’m pretty certain I’d take the former. Add to that Non-Penguins Hockey Boyfriend #1 also being on the verge of elimination, and this has gone from my favorite time of year to “Oh God, please let it be over, I can’t stand for Washington/New York/Boston/Philadelphia to win this year, go anyone from the Western Conference, and oh by the way, did training camp start yet?”

So this week isn’t off to a terribly great start, and I’ve got a very difficult week at work. The TV Boyfriend Bracket is going to have to take a hiatus, but will be back with a vengeance for the Sweet Sixteen next week. Until then, craft your best campaign speeches, because things will start to get heated.


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