TV Boyfriend Bracket: We’re baaaaaack!

Did you miss us? The TV Boyfriend Bracket took a brief hiatus while I tried to do actual work for a few weeks.

We’re down to the Sweet Sixteen! If you need to remind yourself, you can check out the full bracket. I have a few surprises coming up for the last few rounds, but for this one, since I’m tired, lazy, and distracted by a game 7 on my TV, you’ll have to deal with just the polls for this time. I do have one change for you though! From here forward, you won’t get to see the live results of the vote. Same rules as before apply, so you have 48 hours to cast your vote and can campaign all you want… but you won’t be able to see the progress as the vote is going on. I think this makes it a bit more successful, wouldn’t you agree?

To refresh your memory:

Let’s return to the games! May the odds be ever in your (favorite guy’s) favor!


10 thoughts on “TV Boyfriend Bracket: We’re baaaaaack!

  1. If Riggins and Coach lose, I’ve lost all faith in women. Especially Coach. If he loses, I think your bracket needs to be blown up re-seeded, and completely rigged so that there is no way he can lose.

    Seriously, what’s up with all the love for the men from “Grey’s Anatomy?” The guys on that show (Admittingly, I’ve never seen a full episode start to finish) ooze so much douchiness that you could bottle a cologne and call it McShitty.

    • Charlie, if Riggins & Coach make it through to the next round, I’m enlisting you to make an impassioned plea for them. Aside from my friend Emily, I think you’d be the most devastated if they lost.

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