Basically, you all suck.

Desmond Hume. Handsome, rugged, Scottish, hopelessly romantic, completely devoted to Penny, Desmond Hume. My number one overall, Desmond Hume. Desmond, who once did this, a series of scenes that still makes me cry even though I’ve watched them about 800 times in the past few years. Gone from the TV Boyfriend Bracket before the Elite Eight.

The 51.35% of you who voted for John Carter over this man need to have your head examined. And if you didn’t vote in this race, you need to get with it. This is my blog. If you don’t know who to vote for, vote for who I tell you to! (Kidding. Mostly. Not really. Or at all.)

As for the rest of the races, no major upsets, though most races were close:

Get Shit Done

  • Derek Shepherd (68%) over Brandon Walsh (32%)
  • Coach Taylor (55.7%) over Jack Shepherd (44.3%)

Nice Guys

  • Marshall Eriksen (73.17%) over Chandler Bing (26.83%)
  • Jim Halpert (66.18%) over Aidan Shaw (33.82%)


  • Ted Mosby (63.64%) over Harry Goldenblatt (36.36%)
  • John Carter (51.35%) over Desmond Hume (48.65%)

It’s Complicated

  • Tim Riggins (56.17%) over Alex Karev (43.84%)
  • Big (55.84%) over Mark Sloan (44.16%)

The men of Dillon, Texas are still alive. The Nice Guys who stormed through the rest of the competition now have to face off in what could be the most hotly contested match-up yet. And I’m going to go queue up season two of Lost and cry in a corner over losing my favorite Scotsman. Be prepared for a serious Mosby campaign, Carter lovers. I’m coming for you.


12 thoughts on “Basically, you all suck.

  1. Use your veto!! John Carter over Desmond?? A drug addicted doctor over someone willing to sail around the world for you?? Blasphemy…

    • I love Desmond, but he was sailing around the world for Penny’s father, not for her. That’s why I couldn’t vote for him–he was so worried about impressing Widmore that he threw away what he already had w/ Penny.

      And John Carter became addicted to painkillers after being STABBED by a crazy patient. He wasn’t like smoking crack in an alley or anything.

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