Posted in May 2012

What I love tonight: 05.31.12

I’m loving quite a bit tonight. It’s been a hectic week, but we’re almost near the end, and there’s a lot for me to be happy about tonight: The Los Angeles Kings I absolutely, unequivocally love this hockey team. I love their tweets. I love Dustin Penner for calling out ESPN. I love Jonathan Quick … Continue reading

Blame it on the rain…

Tonight, I ran home in the rain. Running home in the rain is invigorating. Especially in the midst of a hot summer thunderstorm, when the clouds open up out of nowhere, and the rain drops are big, fast, and furious. At one point I found myself laughing at what a mess I’d become in the … Continue reading

All’s fair in love and sports.

I received an email from a friend this morning: I might have talked you up a bunch last night to my friend (he’s the hockey writer that I told you about). We were talking about women liking sports and he started talking about how he would love it if a girl knew a lot about … Continue reading

TV Boyfriend Bracket: The Final!

Well, readers, it’s been fun. We’ve had impassioned debates over these men, and I often feared that some of my friendships may crumble if certain men stayed in the bracket any longer. We’ve watched dramatic upsets nearly happen (Tim Riggins vs. Michael Vaughn) or actually happen (Desmond, you were taken from us too soon, and … Continue reading

Friday Fun (and Eye Candy!)

It seemed like everyone I talked to this week felt the same way that I did – that Friday should have come sometime around Tuesday, and that every day was excruciating this week. So this morning I say to you, dear readers: I hope you have something fun to to this weekend. Me? I have … Continue reading

War on marriage? Give me a break.

I must congratulate President Obama today. Publicly pledging his support for same sex marriage was definitely a risky move. There are plenty of ignorant, prejudiced people in this nation who still believe that this is a country who should restrict the rights of a segment of its citizens, not the country that was founded upon … Continue reading

TV Boyfriend Bracket Voting: The Elite Eight

Well, we’re getting down to the wire here! There are two excellent choices left in each bracket, and it’s up to you, dear readers, to decide who represents each bracket in the final four… though I will try to convince you with my personal bias.