TV Boyfriend Bracket Voting: The Elite Eight

Well, we’re getting down to the wire here! There are two excellent choices left in each bracket, and it’s up to you, dear readers, to decide who represents each bracket in the final four… though I will try to convince you with my personal bias.

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Get Shit Done – Coach Eric Taylor vs. Derek Shepherd

Coach Eric Taylor, the #1 seed, is basically everything you want in a man. He’s strong but sensitive. He’s a leader, but he listens to those around him. He cares for everyone in his life – from his wonderful wife and his unfortunately bratty daughter to the young men who go to battle on the football field for him. If you have never watched Friday Night Lights, a) do yourself a favor and start, and b) watch this for the scene that (in my opinion) encompasses everything that is Coach Taylor:

As for Derek Shepherd (#3 seed), chances are if you’re a female, you’ve probably watched Grey’s Anatomy at some point in your life. McDreamy is all right – he’s a doctor, and he is handsome, but he might start to date you while he’s still married to someone else and keep that tiny bit of info from you. So if you’re ok with that, vote away.

The Nice Guys – Jim Halpert vs. Marshall Eriksen

This, to me, is the most intriguing match-up of this round. Both Jim (#1) and Marshall (#2) ran away with every vote up until this point. Which nice guy has the advantage when they go head-to-head?

Jim is the guy next door, who you don’t realize is perfect for you. He’s the guy who will give you a tea kettle full of inside jokes for Christmas. He’s also the guy who will lay it all out on the line to let you know how he feels. While I didn’t want to use this scene, because Pam is an idiot who turns him down and stays with Roy for an entire season more, but how can you not fall for a guy who has the guts to do this?

If Marshall is more your type, though, it’s not like you’re making a bad choice. Marshall is a devoted husband, friend, and (soon to be) father. He’s kind of a man child in a lot of ways, but if that’s ok with you, you would be hard pressed to find a more stand up guy. And what’s better than being picked up at the airport by someone you love (and a marching band)? (It’s at 19:15, if you’re pressed for time.)

The Hopeless Romantics – Ted Mosby vs. John Carter

If you don’t watch HIMYM, or if you do and you don’t like Ted (#2 seed, in the only bracket in which the #1 didn’t advance) and you need convincing, I submit for your consideration these two clips:

1. When Stella tells Ted she only has two minutes of free time, he puts together an entire date… in two minutes.

2. Even though Robin insists she’s fine and doesn’t need to be cheered up, Ted takes it upon himself to surprise her with one of the sweetest gestures of all time (and the scene that inspired this blog):

As for Dr. John Carter (at #5, the lowest remaining seed), he isn’t a bad choice by any means:

He’s just not Ted Mosby.

It’s Complicated – Big vs. Tim Riggins

And finally, Big (#1) vs. Riggins (#2). My dislike of Big is thinly veiled, but I’ll allow my friend who’s firmly in the Big camp to describe why you should vote for him: “Big is not perfect, but he will abso-fucking-lutely come through in the end. Always. Sometimes with champagne and red balloons.”

He’ll also cheat on his wife and not show up to your own wedding, but if that’s your thing, who am I to stop you?

As for Riggins, he’s not perfect either. (This is why these guys are in the complicated bracket, not the nice guys bracket.) But when he’s on your side, there’s nothing he won’t do for you. And you’d wake up next to this every day:

(I have a thing for rain. And for hair. And I know I’m not the only one.)

So there you are! Choose wisely, my readers. Slight change of plans on the voting logistics – I was told that hiding the results actually made it less suspenseful, so I’m going to open them back up again for viewing and monitoring. As with the previous rounds, you have 48 hours to vote. The Final Four will be announced on Wednesday morning. May the best men advance.


26 thoughts on “TV Boyfriend Bracket Voting: The Elite Eight

  1. 1) Big never didn’t show up to his wedding on the TV show. That was the movie and is therefore irrelevant in this bracket.

    2) Ted Mosby dated a married woman, and Jim Halpert made a play for Pam when she was engaged to someone else–they’re not so perfect and upstanding either.

    3) None of that matters because Coach Taylor needs to win. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

      • Yes, that purse was hideous! But he also gave her $30,000 for a down payment on her apartment.

        And I really do love Riggins, but he is a convicted criminal who slept with his paralyzed best friend’s girlfriend and lives in a trailer in Dillon, Texas. Not the best boyfriend material.

  2. Isn’t this the TV boyfriend bracket??? Not the crappy follow-up movie boyfriend bracket?

    We had a whole conversation about this with Steve Brady–he cheated in the movie, not the show, so we weren’t holding it against him.

  3. Ummm….what kind of a description is that for John Carter, MD? “He isn’t a bad choice by any means.” He’s the BEST choice by ALL means. He’s an amazing doctor with a heart of gold.

      • We certainly have come a long way, whatagirl. We’ve spent the last 7 years listening to Ted tell a whiny story about how he meets his wife. Carter would never spend that long telling a circuitous story because he has been busy SAVING LIVES!

        John Carter’s like a Chanel suit – he never goes out of style.

      • Ted has also been busy designing skyscrapers. I personally think that’s impressive. And an architect/professor works much better hours than a doctor in the ER. AND have you seen his new apartment?

    • You did. 😦 I can’t remember who took him out, but it was a sad day. Losing all of the Lost men caused me a lot of sadness.

  4. Is it sad that I am actually nervous for Coach Taylor? Sure, he’s doing good so far, but I’m worried people who haven’t seen FNL will miss his awesomeness! And handsomeness! And heart! And humor! And…I should probably stop gushing now…

  5. So, I’m unemployed right now…and the boyfriend bracket just sucked me into a midday dark hole of re-watching best moments of LOST episodes…i cried 😦 what is it about that show?!

    • I’ve watched the Desmond phone call to Penny at least 20 times in the past few weeks and I cry every single time. As soon as I finish FNL, I’m going back & watching Lost again from the beginning.

  6. If Coach Taylor doesn’t win it all, I’ll be so depressed.
    That being said. I’ll take Man-Child Marshall anyday. I’d love for my non-existant children to be raised believing in mythical creatures.

    Also, someone talked about Riggins being a convicted fellon. Did you forget the part that the only reason why he went to jail was because he was covering up for his brother who was having a baby? No bad guy can ever come close to Tim Riggins.

    And as for Mosby. He may not be my #1. But he is loyal and loves fiercely. The clip here makes me fall in love with Robin more than anything else though.

    • The “only reason” Tim went to jail is that he broke the law. He took full responsibility so Billy wouldn’t ALSO go to jail. Which was noble and amazing. I love Riggins but he has spotty judgment (hello, ferret guy!) and just isn’t prime boyfriend material. But if I were voting for who looks hottest standing in the rain, he wins hands-down!

      As for Ted, he is very loyal–unless your name is Victoria. Then he cheats on you.

  7. This by far has been the hardest fosho! I love me some McDreamy but went with Coach in the end, for sooooooo many reasons.
    Jim v Marshall came down to looks with Jim winning, obvi. But it doesn’t really make a difference to me since in the end I know I won’t be voting for either of them. (for some reason I’m not a “nice guy fan” ;o) But I do agree with Emily in the importance of noting Jim DID make a play for an very much engaged Pam.
    As for my LOVE of Big, I TRIED and TRIED to find a clip of when Carrie missed saying good bye to Bog before he moves to Napa, and she goes to his place to find a record of Moon River with a note saying, “If you ever feel lonely” and a paid plane ticket to Napa with a note saying”If I ever feel lonely”. That one scene seriously made me consider Moon River for my wedding song. (Not joking, and it wasn’t from lack of trying. Tim just wouldn’t get on board :oP)
    All that being said I also just don’t find Riggins that Hot. Sorry ladies.

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