TV Boyfriend Bracket Voting: The Final Four!

The moment you’ve been waiting for, ladies. One representative from each of our four brackets. Four very fine choices for you to struggle with – and for the first time, you now have to pick the type of guy you want. Do you want the strong, stoic, get shit done guy or the nice guy who will make you laugh? Do you want the guy with the romantic ideals or the guy who’s not so squeaky clean? Decisions, decisions… glad I have you all to help me out! On to the polls…

At this point, you should know these men rather well. To refresh your memory, check out the Elite Eight post, or click on each man’s name to go back to their original entry.

Representing the Get Shit Done bracket, we have Coach Eric Taylor of Friday Night Lights. After a bit of a scare in round one, Coach Taylor has been steamrolling the competition, and with good reason. He’s going up against the winner of the Nice Guys bracket, Marshall Eriksen of How I Met Your Mother. Marshall had an easy run until facing Jim Halpert in the Elite Eight and eked out a win by the smallest of margins – just 50.81% to 49.19%.

On the other side of the bracket, we have Ted Mosby, also of How I Met Your Mother representing the Hopeless Romantics. I’ll be honest, I thought Ted would be gone in round two, because most people I know can’t stand him. So if you’re skewing the vote because he’s the namesake of my blog, well, thanks! (I’d still rather have Desmond, though.) Ted is taking on juggernaut Big from Sex and the City, who is coming off his biggest challenge thus far – a win of just 51.22% to 48.78% over Tim Riggins.

So there are your choices! As always, you will have 48 hours to vote. Good luck!



19 thoughts on “TV Boyfriend Bracket Voting: The Final Four!

  1. 2 things.

    1. I will give anything for a How I Met Your Mother Battle Royale. Especially after the amazing season finale last night..

    2. i think the results should be hidden. I love surprises.

    3. Surprise! You didn’t know there was a 3 coming did you?!

  2. Alright, I can’t resist any longer. I watched Riggins go down in the last round to Big, all the while scratching my head. To all those voting, do not make the same error with Coach Taylor. If you need further reasons to vote for Coach Taylor, please read below as I run through a quick breakdown of the remaining players

    1. Marshall Eriksen–I find no fault of Brenna’s assessment of Marshall as a “nice guy.” Of all the characters on HIMYM, I find myself most entertained and frustrated by Marshall. Entertained because it’s Jason Segel who has excellent comedic timing and a true gift for subtle physical comedy. His facial expressions alone are great, and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is jammed with hilarious physical comedy, such as the scene where he walks from Sarah’s room to his own. Frustrated because it’s Jason Segel, and I feel like the writers often do not take full advantage of his abilities as a comedic actor. In the grand scheme of things, isn’t Marshall’s character just too predictable? Also, every joke about him seems to be about his child-like naivete. Aren’t there more dimensions to this guy? It’s admirable that he’s loyal as all hell, and there’s no doubt that he loves his wife unconditionally. That being said, he’s no Coach Taylor.

    2. Big–I gotta admit, as a guy, I’ve never understood the heterosexual female obessession with Big. He’s cocky as hell and rich. My wife tells me he’s good looking, which I guess I’ll have to accept. That being said, the guy is twice married/divorced (three if you count the movies, which I don’t, more for the complete bastardization of Steve’s character than anything else). His second wife has the depth of a cookie sheet. He basically comes back to Carrie whenever he doesn’t have something else going on or she is very serious about another guy. Her friends despise him unless she’s dating someone worse. Oh, he’s also a philanderer. Kind of a shit, wouldn’t you say?

    3. Ted Mosby–Brenna (and other voters), no offense, but I just don’t get this. Let’s recap Ted real quick. He’s a successful architect, hopeless romantic, and relatively nice guy. He’s also a serial dater who will dump a lady at the slightest imperfection (almost as bad as Jerry Seinfeld, not nearly as funny). Let’s not forget to mention the fact that every time he makes eye contact with Robin he decides that he’s in love with her again, and they jump back in bed for 2-3 episodes before that all goes crashing down. Seriously, as a woman married to Ted, would you ever be comfortable when Robin gets together with you guys? It’s not like you won’t know their history since he’s been talking about her to your kids for SIX YEARS. Finally, you would NEVER get a word in edge wise. Judging by his lack of brevity and succintness, you would ask “How was your day, dear?” sometime in your first year of marriage and end up hearing the end of the story 7 years later. Sounds awesome.

    This leaves Coach Taylor. Coach Taylor is a man’s man. I’ve also never met a woman that didn’t like Coach. Sure he’s stubborn, and this can lead to some serious fights from time to time. However, you can guarantee that while he may argue with you, he’ll also step in front of a truck for you (or punch out an obnoxious ass from high school). I could post a million clips that demonstrate the awesomeness of Coach, but here’s a single great one…

    Tell me, you wouldn’t want that as a father to your kids? Or at least a source of inspiration on a bad day (I also wanted to post the scene with Tami in the mall from the finale, but I couldn’t ruin that amazing scene for those of you who haven’t watched, yet). I could go on forever about Coach (basically have already), but I think all of you know what to do.

    • This is the greatest comment in the history of this blog. Charlie, would you like to do a guest post on this subject?

      Some comments in reply:

      1. Thank you on Big. Not every woman has an obsession with him. I personally think he’s an ass, but I have enough friends who try to convince me otherwise that I have been second guessing myself. I’ve been trying to understand the devotion my friends have for him over the past few weeks, and I don’t get it.

      2. Thank you also on mourning Riggins with me. Riggins has his faults, no lie, but I’d date him a zillion times over Big.

      3. I’m not saying Ted’s perfect, and I’m as surprised as you are that he’s lasted this long at the expense of others. (Ahem, Desmond Hume, ahem.) I think I see a lot of myself in Ted (the good and the bad) and that’s why I like him.

      4. I’d date Jason Segal in a heart beat. I just don’t think I’d date Marshall, personally. I’d be thrilled if a friend dated him. But I was pulling for Jim in this one.

      5. No one in the entire bracket of 64 can hold a candle to Coach Taylor. I think I’ve ruined all men in the entire world for myself after watching (all but three episodes of) FNL. If he doesn’t win this bracket, I’ve lost all faith in my fellow women, because how anyone could pick any of these men over him is beyond my comprehension.

      • Coach Taylor > all other men ever, in the history of the universe. Except maybe Hugh Jackman 😉

      • B–I don’t know if I could stand up to your very successful and entertaining blogging, but if you need a guy’s perspective on this subject, I’d be happy to help. Just drop me an email.

  3. Married heterosexual guy with a man crush on Eric Taylor. I’m just trying to make sure that justice is done here.

  4. Man. Kind of disappointed that Charlie is married after that comment, haha!

    I don’t get the Big obsession at all. I have no idea how he beat Tim Riggins. Or, well, anyone really.

    I like Marshall (for a lot of reasons, but mostly because he inspired me to “lawyer” my friends all the time. They love that.)…and I don’t dislike Ted, but I don’t like him either…

    But, obviously, I will be voting for Ted, because Big is ridic, and against Marshall, because Coach is the best. Ever!

  5. I like Big for Carrie, but absolutely not for me. And not over Tim Riggins for gods sake, would Big go to jail for someone he loved, I seriously doubt it! So I am sorry to see Riggins go.

    I am a Ted fan though, I am a bit of a hopeless romantic myself so I appreciate that in him, plus as ready as I am to meet the “mother”, sometimes it’s nice to see a TV character struggle to find the right person, especially in NYC, this is another thing I can identify with. Coach Taylor is just awesome, there’s really no debating that, but if it comes down to the Coach v. Ted, I’m voting for Ted.

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