Friday Fun (and Eye Candy!)

It seemed like everyone I talked to this week felt the same way that I did – that Friday should have come sometime around Tuesday, and that every day was excruciating this week. So this morning I say to you, dear readers:

I hope you have something fun to to this weekend. Me? I have a choir concert (meh, not that fun) and a sangria brunch on Sunday (definitely fun!) and then watching my adopted LA Kings go for the sweep. (Yes, I’m a bandwagon fan. But no worse than most people who actually live in the city of Los Angeles. And I need to adopt someone every year, and there’s no way it can be either eastern team for the Cup.)

Anyway, some fun for you on this gorgeous Friday morning.

First of all, your TV Boyfriend Bracket finalists are…

Coach Eric Taylor

Ted Mosby

(Yes, I know this is an incredibly douchey picture of Ted. I don’t care. I think it’s hilarious, and so therefore, I will continue to use it.)

The final voting will commence early next week, since none of you pay attention to my blog over the weekend. Get ready to campaign for your favorite, or to campaign against the other. All is fair in love and TV Boyfriend Brackets.

And finally, since I haven’t given you an official Friday Eye Candy in awhile, I’ll take this opportunity to tack that on. (Not that there has been a lack of eye candy during most of the voting rounds. You’re welcome.)

Anyway. I’ve been a fan of Maroon 5 for years. Therefore I’ve been a fan of Adam Levine for years. And that love has only grown recently after watching him on The Voice and realizing he’s actually a pretty entertaining guy. And it doesn’t hurt that he looks good pretty much at all times – in a tee shirt, or in a sweater, or naked, or… I lost you at naked, didn’t I?

And this is the song that I’ve been singing for the past few days, with the video featuring some explosions, Adam shooting things, and ending up all dirty and bloody by the end. Enjoy the eye candy, ladies (and Pittsburgh’s favorite rapper).


Happy weekend, everyone.


4 thoughts on “Friday Fun (and Eye Candy!)

    • Ha, as much as I love Ted, I may be attempting to sway the vote a little bit at this point. 😉 Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

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