TV Boyfriend Bracket: The Final!

Well, readers, it’s been fun. We’ve had impassioned debates over these men, and I often feared that some of my friendships may crumble if certain men stayed in the bracket any longer. We’ve watched dramatic upsets nearly happen (Tim Riggins vs. Michael Vaughn) or actually happen (Desmond, you were taken from us too soon, and I am still bitter). And in the final round, we have one man who has inspired countless defenses and pleas for votes versus another who, despite being the namesake for this blog, amazes me that he’s still in it. 

Up till this point, I’ve tried to remain mostly impartial. That ends today.

Listen, ladies (and gentlemen). I love Ted. I do. Obviously, I’m searching for my own version of Ted Mosby out there, and I would date Ted Mosby as he’s written in a heartbeat. (Stop your protesting, haters. I would.) He did lose some points in this year’s season finale, but (and I’m trying not to spoil anything for people who haven’t watched) it does take two to tango. He is, as a friend described him, the master of the grand romantic gesture. He’d be a quality TV boyfriend.


I just can’t let this one go by without throwing my support to Coach Eric Taylor. Ladies (and gentlemen), I can assure you that there is no more perfect man on earth. He is handsome. He is tirelessly devoted to his wife, his daughters, his players, and his staff. He knows exactly what to say to put it in perspective, to pump you up, or to calm you down, and he knows when words just won’t do any good.

By crowning him the ultimate TV boyfriend, we are probably setting ourselves up for failure. I don’t think I’ll ever date a man who has the impeccable character of Coach Taylor. They don’t exist. Men have flaws. It’s completely unrealistic that a man is as wonderful and flawless as he is, but we don’t need to be realistic here, folks. We’re evaluating these characters as they are written. (And come on, we’re having heated debates about dating fictional characters. Realism went out the window weeks ago.)

So, in conclusion, I hereby endorse Coach Taylor as the ultimate TV boyfriend… but it’s not entirely up to me. That’s your job. Voting will conclude at 9am on Thursday, and for the final round, I’m hiding the results so I can unveil the winner in the proper ceremony he deserves. That doesn’t mean you should slack off on your campaigning, though. Your choice may need it even more.


9 thoughts on “TV Boyfriend Bracket: The Final!

  1. I called Coach Taylor from Day One. If I’m voting for a totally unrealistic, truly ideal TV, it has to be Coach. No question.

  2. Coach Taylor is wonderful and is most likely the better man overall, but he’s just not the guy for me. He’s a football coach living in rural Texas with a teenage daughter. I am 31, I live in NY, I love art and I have very little interest in football, I just can’t imagine how I would ever happily fit in to his life or he in mine.

    Ted Mosby loves New York. He is smart, funny, thoughtful and kind. He is passionate about architecture and loves both his jobs. He would do just about anything for his friends and the girl he loves. Yes, he can be a bit pretentious, maybe even verging on douchey sometimes, but his friends give him enough crap about it, that it pretty much keeps him in check. He’s kind of nerdy, but in a cute, endearing way. I would be lucky to find a guy like him.

    As far as the HIMYM season finale, well, I would really like to just pretend that never happened and hope the writers get their shit together for next season.

    • Well said, Laura. If he was up against anyone other than Coach, I’d be voting for him… just can’t bring myself to do it this round!

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