All’s fair in love and sports.

I received an email from a friend this morning:

I might have talked you up a bunch last night to my friend (he’s the hockey writer that I told you about). We were talking about women liking sports and he started talking about how he would love it if a girl knew a lot about hockey and I just had to tell him about you…and maybe show him Facebook pictures. Hehe, I was drinking. He and the other guy I was with both thought you were hot. He seriously has a great personality and is pretty cute (he actually looks a ton like Andy Samberg, haha), He’s just young (like, 23 young). AND biggest problem is that he’s a HUGE Flyers fan and hates Penguins fans, but he thought that passionately arguing about hockey and your respective teams could actually be kind of hot.

First of all, mad props to this guy for feeling that a girl who can talk sports is a good thing. As you know, I have strong feelings about this topic, and it gives me hope to know there’s at least one guy out there who finds it attractive and not intimidating.

This then spawned a conversation about the correlation between a fierce sports rivalry and (in my mind) passion in the bedroom.

It’s true. Arguing about sports is sexy to me. It gets your blood boiling. It gets your heart rate up. If you’re a sports fan the way I’m a sports fan, having this kind of argument brings up the most passionate emotions you can ever muster, and if there’s an attraction there as well, it can get very heated, very fast. I’m not saying I’m going to ever enter a long term relationship with a fan of the team I despise most in the world – that would never last past the first round of the playoffs. But there is something very intriguing, very dangerous, and very sexy about having a full blown argument over a playoff game and then that spilling over into the bedroom. It’s kind of like the bad boy thing for other girls – the guy your parents told you never to date becomes the most attractive person in the world. Well, my dad told me to never date a Flyers fan.

And since it’s Friday, here’s a little related eye candy to this topic – former most hated man (by me) in the NHL turned hilariously awesome success story after leaving the Flyers turned hockey husband #54, Mike Richards. It still feels dirty, but damn… I am starting to love this guy. It started as a cheering for the Kings as a fuck you to Philly after round one, and it’s turned into an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. It doesn’t help that the Kings are playing amazing hockey and are a blast to watch, and that he tweets photos of the sunset over the beach and his adorable dog. And also that he looks like this:

Awful tee-shirt, Mike. Just lose it already.


3 thoughts on “All’s fair in love and sports.

  1. I can totally identify with this post, I’m a HUGE sports fan. I own more jerseys and other sports apparel than I do high heels, purses, or makeup. But don’t be too quick to dismiss a long term thing with a rival fan. I’m from NYC and I’m a Giants fan and I married a man from South Jersey, an Eagles fan. It might get rough a few times a year, but you make it work.

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