What I love tonight: 05.31.12

I’m loving quite a bit tonight. It’s been a hectic week, but we’re almost near the end, and there’s a lot for me to be happy about tonight:

The Los Angeles Kings

I absolutely, unequivocally love this hockey team. I love their tweets. I love Dustin Penner for calling out ESPN. I love Jonathan Quick for going to UMass and giving me the first opportunity to cheer for a pro athlete from a school I’ve attended. I love Anze Kopitar’s sick goal scoring skills. I love Drew Doughty for being so good at only 22, and for potentially being able to challenge Kris Letang for the most facial hair and head hair in the league. I love Rob Scuderi because I’ll always think of him as The Piece. And I continue to love Mike Richards. I need an intervention.

Women Who Watch

This article made my day. It’s everything I wanted to say on the topic, but much more coherently than anything I have tried to type in the past week.

Movies Coming Out in December 2012

The past few weeks have been a dream for a girl who is already entirely too excited for movies that are coming out in six months.

First, there was this – an adaptation of one of my favorite books, staring my favorite actor, directed by the man responsible for one of my favorite movies.


Then, this week, we got a taste of the massive adaptation of my favorite musical. I’d been apprehensive about this, but one look at the barricade, and I got goosebumps. I’ve been singing the soundtrack in my head for the past 24 hours. I’ve watched this trailer at least six times in that span. I’m going to be a bawling mess in the theater, and I can. not. wait.


Getting my groove back

Finally, last but certainly not least, a few things have happened lately to make me think I’m not, in fact, completely repulsive to men, the most exciting of which is an actual date. Readers, do you know the last actual real date I went on? It was entirely too long ago to admit and not feel thoroughly depressed.

But anyway, this is a date. While The Online Experiment was a resounding failure, I did keep a profile up on another free dating site, and this guy found me through there. It’s only a first date, so I’m trying to take things one step at a time and not do my patented freak out thing, but it’s a promising date. On paper, at least. Among his favorite movies, he lists Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (+20), anything Harry Potter (+75), and WALL-E (+500). He claims to listen to Broadway music on occasion and know most of the words to many 90s hits. Likes to cook (+1,000 – if there is one thing I need help with most in the world, it is cooking). And he’s from Pittsburgh, and “bleeds black and gold.” His first message to me was about the Pens/Flyers series. And, as you can see, this is a matter of the utmost importance in my family:

So this could lead somewhere, or this could be an unmitigated disaster. At the very least, we have enough in common that conversation shouldn’t be difficult, and he picked a very cute wine bar, so he gets extra points for a good venue. And it’s always worth it for a good story for the blog.

Now I just have to figure out what to wear.


6 thoughts on “What I love tonight: 05.31.12

  1. I’ve never heard of While the Men Watch and I kind of wish I never had. I can’t imagine the backlash that would have come from a show like this for college football…and by that I mean the backlash of me and my best friend, but it would have been BIG! It took me a second to realize what the CBC was, but I got the gist of it fast…and I was not a fan. Replace the names with any other players/teams from an other sport and that article could be posted to support many women, in many countries that LOVE many sports! So hats off to her and her blog!

    Now…on to the more important part of this post…1. Have you Google-stalked this guy? 2. Do your friends know all the details of the date plans? 3. Will someone be in touch with you on your way there and the way back? (Feel free to have that person be me…but someone who lives in NYC probably is a better choice for safety-sake.) I suggest you wear whatever you wear to work that day…at least that’s what I did and it worked out okay for me.

    You realize we will all be waiting for the details…hope he doesn’t found the blog too soon 😉

  2. Please tell me you are referring to Romeo and Juliet
    you didn’t include The Dark Night Rises….I think it’s going to be brilliant.

    • I do love R+J, but I was actually referring to Moulin Rouge.

      I am SO excited for The Dark Knight Rises, it’s going to be epic.

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