Posted in June 2012

Friday Eye Candy: Olympic Hero Edition.

The Summer Olympics start four weeks from tonight. That means get used to seeing a lot more of this fine specimen on your TV screen: USA, motherfuckers. And while we’re at it, Team Canada’s pride and joy is locked up for the next 13 years in the ‘Burgh. There’s nothing sexier than the best player … Continue reading

Coping with a hockey boyfriend breakup.

It’s no secret around here that I have many hockey boyfriends. It’s a product of my upbringing and my intense love of the sport, and when a guy has an above average combination of talent, team likability, personality, and looks, he gets my attention. I could probably do a bracket full of hockey boyfriends alone, … Continue reading

Second date, deconstructed.

Second dates might be harder than first dates. You don’t have the first date jitters to blame, and you’ve obviously had good enough conversation in the first date to warrant a second. So there feels like there’s more pressure. Second date with Pittsburgh was two nights ago, and it was… good. Good enough to go … Continue reading

Random thoughts on a Tuesday morning.

I’m going to Boston on Friday. Despite my attempts to talk shit on Boston on a regular basis, I love the city, I love my friends there, and I can’t freaking wait to get there. So as a result, this week is moving verrrrrry slowly. As you have probably gathered, I have a love/hate relationship … Continue reading

It’s just one of those days.

I downloaded this song from Napster and put it on on my “Anger Management” Winamp playlist circa 2000. This list also consisted of a lot of Eminem. A lot. I wasn’t a particularly angry girl. I was just a white girl at a liberal arts college who thought Eminem was the hottest thing on earth. … Continue reading


Guys, is this really true? Source: the incredibly reputable women’s publication called Glamour.

Random thoughts on a cloudy Saturday.

I have a million things I should be doing: exercise, work, laundry, apartment hunting, online dating profile perusing. Instead I’ve been sitting on my couch for the past two hours doing a number of other things, including but not limited to: searching my guide to see if The Hurt Locker is playing on any channels … Continue reading

The fine art of killing, screwing, and marrying.

  I can spend hours playing the game Kill, Screw, or Marry. Not familiar with the game? It’s literally what it sounds like – you give someone three choices, and they need to decide who they’d kill, who they’d screw, and who they’d marry. The choices are most often celebrities, but I’ve had nights where … Continue reading

First date, survived.

I’ve never received a marriage proposal on a first date, but when you’re out with a Pittsburgh guy and you mention your family has Steelers season tickets, apparently this is what happens. I suppose if being proposed to is the sign of a good date, then this was a good one. It wasn’t the most … Continue reading