Guys, is this really true?


Source: the incredibly reputable women’s publication called Glamour.


4 thoughts on “Really?!

  1. Not to be all scientific here, but I’d say the answer depends on how often the guy is getting regular BJs. If the guy is already being satisfied on a pretty regular basis, he would be more likely to choose his team winning the big game — or a homemade steak dinner — over a BJ, because he knows another one would be coming up in the near future anyway. For a guy who doesn’t have a girlfriend or wife, and/or doesn’t attract females very well? I can see them choosing the BJ. 🙂


  2. In reference to the big game or raise, I’d say it depends on the significance of both. For example, if it’s a championship game or huge raise at work I know I’d take that over a BJ. As far as the steak dinner, don’t get me wrong but I could take a burger and fries with a BJ and be pretty content haha.

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