Random thoughts on a Tuesday morning.

I’m going to Boston on Friday. Despite my attempts to talk shit on Boston on a regular basis, I love the city, I love my friends there, and I can’t freaking wait to get there. So as a result, this week is moving verrrrrry slowly.

As you have probably gathered, I have a love/hate relationship with New York. This week I’m loving it, due largely in part to the wonderful activities you can participate in when the weather is nearly perfect – outdoor brunch, barhopping on a cool evening, and movies in Bryant Park. Next week, I need to really ramp up my apartment search. Which means next week I’ll probably hate New York.

My roommate encountered Adam Scott on the subway on Saturday. She also had the fortune of spotting Alexander Skarsgard last year in the East Village. One girl, two of TV’s most handsome men. This isn’t fair to the rest of us. Or it’s proof that God keeps celebrities away from me, because I’d probably either act like an idiot or run away from them.

Speaking of celebrities… Dear Jeremy Renner: how am I supposed to get over you when you say things like this?

The only reprieve Renner had was his 8-month-old French bulldog, Franklin … who died of a heart attack last month. Recalled a teary-eyed Renner, “He was my solution for being so lonely.”

Call me. I will make you less lonely.

And finally, I have date #2 with Pittsburgh guy tonight. He picked one of my favorite New York bars to meet at, which earns him about 400 points. I’m still feeling very “eh” about it though. Not great, not awful. But we shall see. Maybe I’ll feel differently tomorrow.


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