Posted in August 2012

Here’s to men.

I’ve been trying this happiness project, as you know. It hasn’t been that long, but step one is trying to be more optimistic about things. Looking at the glass as half full, if you will, not dwelling on all the things making it half empty. So I’m going to try something here. There’s nothing that … Continue reading

Writer’s block.

It’s amazing what you’ll find to distract yourself when you can’t figure out the words to write. You’ll read old Gossip Girl recaps. You’ll scroll through the entirety of McKayla is Not Impressed. You get lost in the labyrinth of Wikipedia. You’ll write emails and tweets and basically everything you can besides what you actually … Continue reading

My Happiness Project.

Today is Monday. Usually I would be sad about this, but Monday means that last week is completely behind me, and with it the awfulness of packing, moving, unpacking, dealing with my ex, dealing with my ex-roommate, and more unpacking. So this is a new week. And with a new week and a new apartment … Continue reading

An open letter to my ex.

I really try not to complain too much about my ex on this blog. I know the vast majority of you readers in real life, and many of you knew him, and believe it or not, I do like to keep some parts of my life private. And furthermore, there’s a good possibility he’s found … Continue reading