A return in numbers.

27: days since my last post. Nearly a month of not feeling like I had to post, and now I’m back to posting when I want to post. So, to catch you up, a summary in numbers of the past 27 days…

0: job I currently have. But…

1: phone interview scheduled for tomorrow. I’m optimistic and confident… just know it will take some time, and I’m a very impatient person.

2,449: miles flown from New York to Portland, to celebrate the beautiful wedding of one of my favorite people and reconnect with a group of friends, now dispersed across the country.

2: number of cities I fell in love with – first Seattle, then Vancouver. Seattle felt young, modern, intelligent, and ambitious, but full of people who recognize the need for a work/life balance and want to spend their free time in the stunningly beautiful water and mountains that surround the city. And Vancouver… where do I even begin? How about with this?

I love the water. I love the mountains even more. I love cityscapes. And when I mentioned I was from Pittsburgh, I got a positive reaction to being a Penguins fan. They love Sidney Crosby there almost as much as I do! If there were a mail-order bride type company specializing in American girls who want to move to Canada, I’d be signing up right now.

74: approximate number of pumpkin spice lattes I’ve had in the past few weeks. When you’re unemployed and need to get out of your apartment, you tend to spend a lot of time at Starbucks. Fall is a good time to not have a job, if there is ever a “good” time to not have a job.

3: phases of emotion dealing with the NHL lockout as a fan. First, optimism. There’s no way they lose an entire season again, right? They have way too much going for them! Then nervousness and fear. Oh, shit. This isn’t looking good. Now despair, pessimism, and a lot of anger. How can I get anyone to take hockey seriously when you keep doing this shit? I know there are issues, but you’re missing the big picture! Work it out! I’m unemployed, and you’re arguing over thousands and millions of dollars! Arrrrgggghhhhhhh.

12: episodes of Homeland I watched in the span of three days. Incredible show. Now shut up, because I haven’t seen the last two.

8,330: number of times I’ve yelled “STOP TAKING PENALTIES!” at the TV during Steelers games.

1: number of times in my life I chose to watch a debate over a Steelers game. It was worth it for Joe Biden.

3: days spent in DC last week, after making a somewhat impromptu decision to schedule some meetings and visit some friends rather than waiting a few more weeks.

2: number of dates I went on while there. Remember the cute, fun, interesting guy from the concert? Yeah, him.

1: moment of either stupidity or honesty in which I mentioned the existence of this blog during the first date. Cover blown. Crap. (I blame the wine.)

Several: times he reminded me that I had referred to him as cute, fun, and interesting after reading this blog between dates 1 and 2.

35: number of times friends have asked what my plan is should anyone I go out with happen to find the blog. My response: as long as they treat me well and don’t make me angry, they shouldn’t have a problem with it! I’m going to stick to that plan for now.

Every single one: friends of mine which asked me about the sports allegiances of this guy. My friends know my priorities.

0: hiatuses I plan to take in the foreseeable future. I might not be quite as open as I have been in the past. But I won’t hold back that much. I’m incapable of doing that, in real life or in blog form. I’ve got way too much to say.

It feels good to be back.


5 thoughts on “A return in numbers.

  1. I fully agree, “fall is a good time to be unemployed”. Lately I’ve been out of my slump and enjoying apple picking and pie baking on say, a Tuesday. Oh, and…you were in DC?!

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