Posted in November 2012

Walking down memory lane.

Do you ever wonder how you got to where you are now? I spent a good chunk of my afternoon yesterday digging through the boxes I have stored in my parents’ basement. I was looking for a couple of specific things, but kept getting sidetracked looking through photo albums or yearbooks or old copies of … Continue reading

Giving thanks.

Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year. This is what you do on Thanksgiving: you get together with family and friends, you gorge yourself on delicious food, you drink wine, you watch football, you probably eat more food and drink more wine, then you go to sleep. There’s no pressure, no dragging yourself to … Continue reading

Time to do things.

I’m writing this post from my parents’ kitchen. There is warm coffee and an abundance of food, our old golden retriever lying at my feet, a 70-inch television with every station on earth (Homeland live!), a washer and dryer for me to do my laundry without dragging it down 33 floors, and all the food … Continue reading

An open letter to Taylor Swift.

Dear Taylor, It seems like every time I’ve turned on the radio for the past few years, my hearing has been assaulted by your music. Most times I can’t change the channel quick enough. On rare occasions, admittedly, I jam along – always in private, and always feeling shameful and kind of dirty afterwards, like … Continue reading

The wit and wisdom of Nick Miller.

Nick Miller is a fountain of wisdom. Don’t believe me? A sampling of his insight: Sure, I could get a girl drunk and topless with only some crushed ice, a hollowed out papaya, and two fingers of rum. But then I grew up, and now I only want to make a drink that a coal … Continue reading