I’m cranky and need to vent, so deal with it.

I hate how gloomy it is today. It’s December. I want snow.

I hate how terribly the Steelers played yesterday.

I hate that the NHL continues to run itself into the ground and canceled two more weeks of games.

I hate that they continue to toy with my emotions. Just have a season or don’t have a season already.

I hate that Facebook just suggested I friend my ex’s current girlfriend.

I hate that I have 11 Facebook friends who are already friends with her.

I hate that Homeland went from the best show on TV to infuriatingly absurd in two weeks.

I hate that I am still unemployed.

I hate being stuck in my house all day and not feeling like I’m accomplishing anything.

I hate when other people get new jobs.

I hate not knowing where I’m going to be in a few months.

I hate everything about Christmas this year. I hate the songs and the decorations and the pictures of your tree.

I hate that the holidays are magnifying everything else I don’t like about my life right now.

I hate that I feel like I’m crazy when I try to tell my friends how I feel.

I hate that I can’t find a single person who understands how I’m feeling.

11 thoughts on “I’m cranky and need to vent, so deal with it.

  1. I’ve been feeling the hate lately myself, and it sucks. I extra-hate that we can’t get together to drink tons of wine and bitch about it all!

  2. I continue to be unemployed… and I admit, I also hate it when other people get new jobs. Thanks for saying it out loud 🙂 Wine on.

  3. If you subtract the hockey will they or won’t they, you described my holidays 2010– down to the FB suggestions and unemployment nowhere land. It completely sucks, but then you really have nothing to lose and one small (or big) good thing can snowball into an amazing new direction.
    Good things happen to good people.

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