Posted in January 2013

Movie Boyfriend Bracket Inspiration.

Thanks to everyone for the nominations! I recognize that people may need a little inspiration, so I’m sharing the list we have so far with the hope that it generates more ideas. The more the merrier – perhaps we can even have some play-in rounds! Here’s the nomination list. Leave your additional nominations in the … Continue reading

Announcing: The Movie Boyfriend Bracket!!!

We are officially in the dead of winter. (Yesterday was, after all, the most depressing day of the year… according to Fox News.) We are facing the national nightmare that is the Harbaugh brothers in the Super Bowl. This is the time of year when there are no decent movie releases in sight. (Not even … Continue reading

This & that.

Happy Inauguration Day! Ever since living in the DC area, while watching the Inauguration I feel the same two feelings: part of me wishes I were there, and part of me is so happy I’m not. Gridlock in DC on a normal day is unbearable. I’ll watch the festivities from the comfort of my warm … Continue reading

You Oughta Know… these breakup songs.

If you’re a reader or Twitter follower or friend of mine, you know about my absurd vendetta against Taylor Swift. Talking about her really makes my blood boil, and I left my dad in a fit of laughter a few weeks ago when a repeat of her interview on 60 Minutes kicked off a soliloquy … Continue reading

Welcome back, hockey.

When you are unemployed and living at home, there are precious few things that bring you joy. The ability to do your laundry without dragging it down 33 floors or up the block to a laundromat is one of them. DirecTV is another. The company of my adorable old golden retriever throughout the day is … Continue reading