This & that.

  1. Happy Inauguration Day! Ever since living in the DC area, while watching the Inauguration I feel the same two feelings: part of me wishes I were there, and part of me is so happy I’m not. Gridlock in DC on a normal day is unbearable. I’ll watch the festivities from the comfort of my warm house.
  2. The NHL is back, and I am a very, very happy girl. Before Saturday, the last time I’d watched the Penguins was Sunday, April 22. I had just come off a really tough week at work, and it was pouring, and I drank a significant amount of wine watching the game by myself, decided to trek out in the rain to get a burger, and then made some phone calls I probably shouldn’t have made. It feels like a lifetime ago.
  3. Jordan Staal looks terrible in red. Just saying.
  4. Welcome back, Brooks Orpik.
  5. Welcome to Pittsburgh, Tanner Glass. I like that you majored in the history of imperialism at Dartmouth.
  6. The Penguins have three Ivy League alums on the team (Tanner Glass and Ben Lovejoy from Dartmouth, and Craig Adams from Harvard). That has to be an NHL record, right?
  7. Last hockey note, I promise (for today). If you’re a hockey fan, you need to watch this video. Every great NHL moment from the past 60 years, in one kickass video. I think the CBC could make even a montage of my life the most exciting video you’ve ever watched.
  8. I forgot one song in my break-up anthem playlist: Dancing on my Own, by Robyn, aka the I’m broken up but I’m going to dance anyway breakup song.
  9. Speaking of music, my favorite song in the world right now is by Lifehouse. Liking Lifehouse isn’t as bad as liking Nickelback, right?
  11. Screw you, Ray Lewis.
  12. I’m watching Puppy Bowl this year.

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