Movie Boyfriend Bracket Inspiration.

Thanks to everyone for the nominations! I recognize that people may need a little inspiration, so I’m sharing the list we have so far with the hope that it generates more ideas. The more the merrier – perhaps we can even have some play-in rounds!

Here’s the nomination list.

Leave your additional nominations in the comments. As a refresher, the rules and regulations are here. Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “Movie Boyfriend Bracket Inspiration.

  1. My five cents worth: Malcolm Reynolds from Serenity played by Nathan Fillion (Get’s Shit Done); Dr. Simon Tam, same movie, played by Sean Mahr (The Nice Guy); Matt Farrell, Live Free or Die Hard, played by Justin Long (The Nice Guy); Young Ed Bloom, from Big Fish, played by Ewan McGregor; and Will Bloom from the same movie played by Billy Crudup.

  2. So many great choices already! Here are my suggestions:

    Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) in The Proposal (Nice Guys)
    Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon) in Footloose (Get’s Shit Done)
    Price Albert (Rupert Friend) in The Young Victoria (Nice Guys)
    Will Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) in Shakespeare in Love (Romantics)

    I’m sure this last one will be vetoed because the character is too young and I doubt anyone else has even seen the movie (although you all should – it’s ADORABLE) but I just feel that Gabe from Little Manhattan would absolutely grow up to be a guy I would want as my boyfriend (and the actor did grow up to play Peeta Mellark – who I liked even in the 1st movie) I’m not sure if that is against the rules, but I’m throwing it out there anyway. (Romantics)

  3. ooo I like the Leo in the Vow nomination, but I wanted to throw in Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) in Definitely, Maybe just cuz I love him!!! :o)

    PS. Thanks for doing this again – SO fun!!!

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