Posted in March 2013

Movie Boyfriend Bracket: Romantics Round Two

Here we go! This is the round where things get serious. The rules have slightly changed. No additional campaigns in this round; if you need to be reminded, check out round one. Also, the voting window will be lowered to 24 hours. This is plenty of time for you to rally for your favorite. And … Continue reading

Movie Boyfriend Bracket: Get Shit Done

Time for the final (and my favorite) bracket! But first, our winners from the Complicated guys: Johnny Castle Bruce Wayne (yet I love that Pat Solitano got so many votes, it makes me so happy) Ben Berry Magic Mike Patrick Verona James Bond Jason Fryman Danny Ocean (which makes me so happy, because George Clooney … Continue reading

Nick Miller: ruining all men since 2013.

Let’s take a quick break from the Movie Boyfriend Bracket (voting on the Complicated Bracket is still in session – vote here!) to discuss last year’s TV Boyfriend Bracket. The bracket was a success, and I can’t argue one bit with the winner, but if I were to do it all over again this year … Continue reading

Movie Boyfriend Bracket: It’s Complicated

Let’s be honest here: none of these guys would make that great of a boyfriend. But they’d sure be fun while it lasted.   Johnny Castle – Dirty Dancing (Patrick Swayze) vs. Sirius Black – Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix (Gary Oldman) Handsome Johnny Castle, the working class dance instructor at a … Continue reading

Movie Boyfriend Bracket: Nice Guy Winners

Your winners for the Nice Guy Bracket – the chalk mostly took this round! Mark Darcy Josh Graham (I honestly didn’t expect Ferris Bueller to get many votes, so I was pleasantly surprised he did. Those of you who voted for him are awesome and know a good time!) Ian Miller Neil (Just barely, in … Continue reading