Movie Boyfriend Bracket: Get Shit Done Results

Guys, I had a really hard time with this round. In particular, losing Jack Kelly to Prime Minister David. I thought long and hard about using my veto to save him, but the more I thought about it, the less I thought it was right. First of all, it was a rather decisive victory for our favorite Prime Minister (59% – 41%). And though my American/New York pride didn’t want the King of New York to lose to the British guy, I had to eventually admit that having ruthless trained killers just a phone call away is kind of appealing. The final deciding factor was the next round – David vs. Dignam seemed like a really amusing matchup to me, and we still have Christian Bale’s undeniable handsomeness in play via Bruce Wayne.

So, with that, your Get Shit Done winners:

  • Doug Dorsey
  • Westley
  • Indiana Jones
  • David
  • Dignam
  • Jacob Palmer
  • Billy Costigan
  • Enjolras

Here’s your updated bracket.

The next round of this bracket is going to be torturous. I may have a breakdown when faced with the Sophie’s Choice that is my wonderful French revolutionary versus my favorite hockey player turned figure skater.

Round two begins Monday. Voting time will shrink to 24 hours. Time for shit to get serious.


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