Movie Boyfriend Bracket: Round Two Results

Phew! Round two was a bit stressful. We’ll take the voting window back up to 48 hours for the third round, which I’ll have up sometime next week. In the meantime, your Sweet Sixteen. The Love Actually guys are proving to be an unstoppable force.

Get Shit Done
(1) Doug Dorsey
(2) Westley
(6) Jacob Palmer
(13) Prime Minister David

Nice Guys
(1) Mark Darcy
(4) Ian Miller
(6) Officer Rhodes
(10) Jake Perry

(1) Noah
(2) Jack Dawson
(11) Jamie
(13) Daniel

It’s Complicated
(2) Bruce Wayne
(3) Ben Berry
(5) Patrick Verona
(8) Danny Ocean

Before we go, though, let’s pay tribute to some of the men we lost this week…

Dignam, you have such a way with words. And Billy, you’re just so vulnerable and adorable.


Guy Patterson, you can jam with us any time.


Ladies, you voted this out of the competition. THIS.


And this. Without this, there would be no Jacob Palmer, you know.


And last, but certainly not least, it’s impossible to find a clip of movie version Enjolras, but there is this little tribute to the barricade boys, which might be even better. Maybe they won’t all die this time.


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