Posted in April 2013

Movie Boyfriend Bracket: The Championship

Cue the Boyz II Men, we have come to the end of the road. It’s the battle of the southern men, with Noah from The Notebook, to no one’s surprise, going up against upstart Jake from Sweet Home Alabama. Romantics Bracket – #1 seed – Noah (The Notebook) In many ways, Noah is the same … Continue reading

Movie Boyfriend Bracket: The Final Four

Ugh, you guys, this feels like it’s taking forever. Which is mostly my fault, because I’ve been distracted by a million things lately, including I FINALLY HAVE A JOB. But more on that later. First, fictional boyfriend voting. Prime Minister David and Jacob Palmer ended in a tie, which puts me in a tough spot. … Continue reading

Movie Boyfriend Bracket: The Elite Eight

OK, let’s get this rolling again. Sorry I’ve been neglecting it, but I’ve had a pretty crazy week or so. Anyway, this is the round where you decide who will represent each type of man in the Final Four – and we have some tough choices to make, including your first Gosling vs. Firth matchup. … Continue reading

Why I love Boston.

There’s no city on earth I have a more complicated relationship with than Boston. I have no idea what made me originally want to live there. I also have no idea why Boston College was the only school I applied to there, in a city known extensively for its collegiate population. But from some point … Continue reading

Movie Boyfriend Bracket: The Sweet Sixteen

Here we go again… Is this the round the Love Actually magic runs out? Will another #1 seed go down? Can anyone beat Ryan Gosling at anything? Voting will close at 10:30am on Wednesday. Choose wisely! Get Shit Done Original descriptions here. The Nice Guys Original descriptions here. The Romantics Original descriptions here. It’s Complicated … Continue reading

Getting trashy.

When I start to feel frustrated and/or lost in my life, I start to make crazy decisions. Not all crazy is alike, of course. My versions of crazy may range on a scale from cutting bangs (hardly crazy and still rocking them a year later) to moving to Greece for a year (extremely crazy but … Continue reading