Movie Boyfriend Bracket: The Final Four

Ugh, you guys, this feels like it’s taking forever. Which is mostly my fault, because I’ve been distracted by a million things lately, including I FINALLY HAVE A JOB. But more on that later. First, fictional boyfriend voting.

Prime Minister David and Jacob Palmer ended in a tie, which puts me in a tough spot. I didn’t have any tiebreaker rules prepared. I could go back and add up all the percentages from previous votes, which sounds like a lot of work. Or I could just make the decision myself. Instead, I’m considering the events of the past week and making an executive decision.

Ladies, for the good of Boston and in honor of the brave men and women up there, I’m reinstating Dignam back into the bracket.

Does Dignam care about the Movie Boyfriend Bracket?

But we do. And we care about Boston. And who got more shit done than the first responders in Boston last week? So my favorite fictional Massachusetts State Police Officer is jumping into the Final Four, on account of you folks not being able to decide between our last two Get Shit Done men standing. (Sorry, ladies who were clamoring for a Gosling v. Gosling final. My blog, my rules.)

So here we go! Final Four voting will end at 11am on Thursday. We’ll kick off the Championship immediately following. And then I get to move myself back to New York and start a new job.

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5 thoughts on “Movie Boyfriend Bracket: The Final Four

  1. I do not understand how Jacob Palmer, with his washboard abs and super sexy Dirty Dancing move, did not end up in this round!

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