Posted in August 2013

Why I love fall.

I’m having a rough day. I’m in a terrible mood, and I have no good reason to be. I feel like I’m PMS-ing, even though I’m not, and I started to wonder if I’m already PSS-ing. “PSS,” of course, standing for Pre-September Syndrome. September has not been kind to me the past few years. It’s … Continue reading

The evolution of Justin Timberlake – part 2

So you liked part one, huh? I can’t guarantee part two will be quite as entertaining – sadly, the curly blond fro has come and gone, so it’s a little harder to make fun of him, but let’s continue our walk down memory lane and reacquaint ourselves with the unstoppable force that is solo Justin … Continue reading

The best of what’s around.

I’m putting the finishing touches on The Evolution of JT – Part 2, but in the meantime, I wanted to make sure you checked out the words of some of my dear friends who just recently joined the blogosphere, in case you’re looking for inspiration or procrastination or just to get to know the world … Continue reading

The evolution of Justin Timberlake – part 1

Note: I swear to God, last night I wrapped up work on this post and scheduled it to publish at 3:00 today. Then this news broke, and I couldn’t hold it back any longer. Either I willed this reunion into existence, or this post has the most fortuitous timing ever. Enjoy! Forgive me, folks, because … Continue reading

Love and marriage.

I like to describe myself a cynical hopeless romantic. It’s an oxymoron, I know. But it really captures who I am – I sneer at people who are overly romantic or sentimental, but I’m unashamed at how much I love The Notebook. I hate Valentine’s Day more than almost anything on earth, but I still … Continue reading

Live and In Concert.

If you come here often (well, often until a few months ago when I got a several months long bout of writers block I’ve been trying to pull myself out of), you know music is important to me. I listen to music constantly. I hate silence. Now that I’m living by myself, I sing to … Continue reading