The best of what’s around.

I’m putting the finishing touches on The Evolution of JT – Part 2, but in the meantime, I wanted to make sure you checked out the words of some of my dear friends who just recently joined the blogosphere, in case you’re looking for inspiration or procrastination or just to get to know the world inside another mind on the internet. I have some very creative, talented friends (thanks, Allegheny!) and these two ladies are two of my favorites:

Love’s the Finest Thing Around is the product of my good friend Lindsay, who I’m basically friends with because we survived all-night editing sessions in our intro to video production class and then bonded over our mutual love of Clay Aiken while working in the admissions office in college. So you can expect to read snarky commentary on pop culture and sports, as well as her daily life as a mom in Ohio (god help her, seriously, Ohio). (Also, her blog title inspired this title, because anytime I visit I hear the old DMB song in my head.)

Wanting What You Already Have: A Year Without Shopping is the product of another good college friend and sorority sister Ashleigh. She’s got an interesting, simple idea: she’s not going to shop for a year, and she’s going to blog about what happens. It’s a nice reminder that life isn’t about the material things – no matter how many times I covet someone’s shoes or bags on the subway.

Check them out. Spread the word. Then let me know if you have any friends I should check out on the interwebs.


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