I found a dream that I could speak to.

September 23: At Last – Etta James

At laaaast……. Ted Mosby is meeting the mother….. at the end of the season….

I thought this song would be appropriate today, with HIMYM kicking off its final season tonight. I’ve been trying to think of another way to commemorate this important occasion, but so far nothing has felt really right. I thought of writing a little ode to Ted Mosby, but I think I covered a lot of it during the TV Boyfriend Bracket. Plus, I read a damn near perfect one recently by the ladies at Head Over Feels, and I don’t think I could top it. I thought about ranking my favorite episodes, but to be honest, many of them blur together these days. (I’ll blame syndication. I never can remember where I am in the story.)

So all of that thinking brought me to the one idea I had. As someone who’s out there looking for my own Ted Mosby, who better to judge the woman he ends up marrying? As you may have heard, The Mother will be a series regular throughout the final season, so we can all get to know her before Ted does. I’ve always gone back and forth on whether I wanted that for The Mother – on one hand, I want to see what makes Ted fall in love with her. But on the other hand, most of the women Ted has dated have just been so awful.

So swing by here every Tuesday following a new HIMYM episode from now until May, where I will present the official HIMTM Mother Approval Rating (HIMTMMAR, for short). I will evaluate The Mother on a scale from Zooey to Victoria (version 1.0, before they brought her back and ruined her). It’s my hope that she becomes even more suited for Ted than Victoria by the end of the season, in which case the rating system will be obsolete. But that’s what I’m wishing for… when you really love someone, and you can’t have them, you want them to at least be with someone amazing, right?

So here we go, Teddy Westside. Kick up your red cowboy boots and cue up the Get Psyched mix. It’s the moment of truth, and it’s going to be legend – wait for it…


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