HIMTMMAR: “The Locket” / “Coming Back”

So far, so good. The Mother (name still yet to be revealed, right?) seems like someone I’d be friends with: sarcastic and spunky, though I took Metro North trains twice a day every weekday for over a year and a half and never once even spoke to anyone near me, let alone shared cookies with them. But her sweetness to Lily was endearing, as was her calling Ted “Mosby” in the flash forward scene – something I definitely would do as well. Come to think of it, she kind of looks like me, too, right? On a scale of 1 (Zooey) to 10 (Victoria 1.0), I’d say she’s starting at a solid 5.

Other observations:

  • Get Marshall to the rest of the group ASAP, please.
  • Pittsburgh reference!
  • I’m so over this whole locket business.
  • For a hot minute, I thought Stella was making a cameo, and I was going to have to throw something at my television. If she does come back at some point, I only hope Jason Jones is with her.
  • Because I’m a hopeless sap who wants to see Ted’s happy ending so badly, that last scene killed me. I’m talking waterworks. I know, I cry at almost anything, and I’m feeling pretty lonely these days. But man, seeing Ted and his wife together at last – and how sweet they were with each other – just tugged at my heart strings a little more than I was expecting.

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