Although we’ve come to the end of the road…

September 30: End of the Road – Boyz II Men

Here we are, folks. The last day of September. Tomorrow brings my favorite month of the year, playoff baseball, the start of the NHL season, and me breathing a little easier. I still have a job, I have a really fun month planned, and all things considered, I’m doing all right.

September was pretty good this year. Despite the Steelers’ continued attempt to ruin my Sundays, I am going a combined 5-2-1 in my two fantasy football leagues. I competed in the hilarious exercise that is Mean Girls trivia night. I had drinks on a fabulous rooftop in the middle of Manhattan. I had my first NASCAR experience, which wasn’t as awful as I was expecting it to be. And the Pirates made the playoffs, and Sidney Crosby is – for the moment, knock on every wood surface in sight – uninjured. Not too shabby, I suppose.

When all is said and done, however, I’ll remember September 2013 for one thing and one thing only – the month in which I was completely and totally consumed by a television show in a way I’d never been before. It was the month in which I was captivated by the adventures and misadventures of a morally ambiguous high school chemistry teacher. It was the month when I fell in love with an underachieving meth cook with a conscience and an affinity for the word bitch. It was the month where I was consistently amazed by the quality of writing, acting, directing, filming, scoring, and editing of a series from start to finish, screaming and gasping and holding my breath alongside nuanced, interesting, complicated characters that I grew to love and hate (often at the same time). I’ve never been as obsessed with a show the way I became obsessed with Breaking Bad – and, coming from an admitted devotee of The X-Files, that’s saying a lot – but I spent the past four weeks spending every free minute watching the show, reading about the show, and trying to recruit other people to watch the show. In a few years, the luster may fade, but right now, I firmly believe it’s the best series I’ve ever watched, from the opening moments of the pilot to the closing seconds of the finale. Thousands and thousands of words are being written about the show today, and more will follow for years to come, and I don’t have much of value to add. Just a lot of feelings today… awed and satisfied at the way it ended, sad that it was all over for me in less than a month, and honored to have watched such an incredible piece of art that I really hope will stand the test of time.

Thanks for spending September with me, everyone. I’ll still be here tomorrow.


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