HIMTMMAR: “Last Time in New York”

Well, we didn’t get any new Mother scoop this week, so the official HIMTMMAR is holding at 5.

I have some important questions: I had completely forgotten about this whole Ted moving to Chicago thing… which is supposed to happen the day after the wedding. So is he going to drop all of his plans for someone he just met? (That does sound very Ted-like.) Also, will Robin and Barney ever be given anything to do this season except for get cold feet every episode? Just how drunk is Lily right now? Did Marshall leave baby Marvin in the car to go into the Packers store? And will this show make me cry every week?

Other thoughts:

  • There’s no way that Robin, a Canucks fan, would crack a joke about the Maple Leafs Stanley Cup drought when the last time the Canucks won the Cup was… oh wait, never.
  • “Thank you Linus” is still funny. At least for me.
  • I still want Marshall to get to Farhampton ASAP, but his breaking out the full Minnesota Vikings gear while driving through Wisconsin was pretty amusing.

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