Posted in December 2013

For every action…

Happy new year, readers. You see a lot of self-reflection this time of year – how you did in 2013, what you want to do better in 2014. Thankfulness for all of the good things in your life, because it’s the holidays, blah blah blah. Me? I’m just thankful I made it out of December … Continue reading

8 reasons 2013 was kind of awesome.

This might go down as the year that Buzzfeed became part of my daily repertoire. (Really, how did we get through the workday before “22 Lies Disney Told About Hair” posts?) So, it felt fitting that I would do an oddly numbered, gif-accented list in order to commemorate the year that was – one that … Continue reading

My grown up Christmas list.

Mood music: (I don’t even think I was aware there was an American Idol Christmas Album, but now that I do, you know that shit will be in a steady Spotify rotation. #Claymate4life) I’ve been slacking a bit around here, due to a lack of motivation and inspiration combined with a really busy personal and … Continue reading