My grown up Christmas list.

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(I don’t even think I was aware there was an American Idol Christmas Album, but now that I do, you know that shit will be in a steady Spotify rotation. #Claymate4life)

I’ve been slacking a bit around here, due to a lack of motivation and inspiration combined with a really busy personal and professional schedule. But with Christmas just around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to indulge in some wishful thinking. So, in case you were wondering just what to get me this year, here are a few Christmas wishes – some actually available for purchase, some… well… in the words of the slutty secretary from Love Actually, “I don’t want something I need. I want something I want.”

More viewers for The Mindy Project and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I am sincerely worried for the fate of these two shows, which are currently the highlight of my week. In a world where Two and a Half Men is still inexplicably on the air, these two smart, hilarious shows just aren’t pulling in viewers. If you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet you already watch. If you don’t, please start. And if you do, tell a friend to start. I don’t want another Pushing Daisies situation on my hands. I need more of Andre Braugher’s deadpan and more of the absurdity of his squadron of misfits. I need more leather jackets. I need more shipping of Danny & Mindy, no wait shipping of Peter & Mindy, no wait maybe I’m shipping of Danny & Mindy again.

And really, ladies, don’t we all need more of this…


… and this?

(Also on my Christmas list? A damn embeddable video of that that actually works.)

The Breaking Bad Blu-Ray box set and Blu-Ray player so I can watch it

Because I will watch all 8,000 hours of extra footage. And because I’m still going through Jesse Pinkman withdrawl.

Handwritten Christmas cards

I love all mail that I receive. And you and your kids or your spouse are really cute, I swear. But I really miss hand-written Christmas cards.

Neil Gaiman’s imagination

I have read two Neil Gaiman books this fall, and I have completely fallen under the spell of his fantastically created universes and lyrical writing. I was actually devastated when I finished Neverwhere, that there was no more to read… but I do have a BBC radio broadcast to look forward to. (Paging Hollywood: please make this book a movie, with that exact cast.)

A blue French horn key chain

For the Ted Mosby in all of us.


5 thoughts on “My grown up Christmas list.

  1. Hahahah I was totally going to post the same link from the Wash Post. After reading the op-ed it made we want to at least hand sign out Xmas cards until it came time to actually doing it and addressing them all was work enough ;o)

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